Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where O' Where is Pierre Poutine?

Elections are about fucking your enemies. Winning is about fucking your friends.
James Carville, 1992, Quoted by Hunter S. Thompson, Better Than Sex, p.189

As predicted in earlier posts the Oracle of Ottawa has got it right and early again. Robo-gate continues to unfold. It is the 'Harper Government' version of Nixon's Watergate! Unlike Nixon who just attempted to break into one isolated place, the 'Harper Government' or the minions thereof went very many degrees better than that. Through the alleged use of massive robot phone dialers, big, ugly, right wing government imposed themselves as officials of Elections Canada. Sending the gullible to polling stations hither and yawn that of course did not even exist. Many narrow races were decided in the 'Harper Government' favor.

Wanted: Pierre Poutine - off white complexion
and very greasy

One character has already reached for the top of the bucket of swill and will not go away. The name Pierre Poutine just keeps being mentioned. Watergate had Deep Throat and Robo-gate has Pierre Poutine! The lineup is already starting to gel. At least Richard Nixon had guys like E. Howard Hunt and John Dean. The 'Harper Government' has? Yeah... They are so fucked, aren't they?

Please Sir, can I have some more?

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