Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meme - The New Government?

meme -  A meme is a cultural object like the mini skirt, the computer virus, or the belief in ghosts, that can  be replicated or passed on, and which in the process of transmission evolves and seems to have a life of its own.
Simon Blackburn, Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, p. 237

What the hell is a meme? Well it is all pretty complicated and yet all pretty simple. For a detailed explanation the Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link to the article in Wikipedia, that just about covers the history and basic explanation of the beast. The reason I am going about this esoteric word and concept originates from watching the effect of a very powerful internet meme in the form of Anonymous. As per earlier posts the Oracle of Ottawa was just mesmerized at the effect that an internet meme could have on an elected democratic government!  It is all getting rather McLuhan-esk isn't it?

Anonymous - Government by meme?
 Then it hit me! Could all government in the future be by and through Anonymous memes? Ponder that dear reader! Think of it, sort of like an election that is never ending and continually evolving! I guess the evolution of this modern form of government will be somewhat slowed down in Canada as the Conservative Party of Canada has attempted to find the Anonymous meme in Contempt of the House! I couldn't make that up dear reader, so you can bank on it as truth.

Here is more information than you probably need. Ponder government of the future....

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