Saturday, February 4, 2012

Charles Adler - Gone A Leftie?

A few strong arguments are better than many week ones.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book II, p. 443

We all knew that the prisoner advocate lobby is very strong in Canada. But who knew that they were strong enough to get to Charles Adler? There is the John Howard Society, the Elizabeth Fry Society, and the Canadian Bar Association. To only name a very few. Why, the present Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews would be very upset to find out that Charles Adler has fallen in with the "criminal lovers"!

Socrates had the right to die...

But that is what appears to have happened folks. Why the Oracle of Ottawa saw it on Sun News TV, so it has to be true! That segment where Charles argues for the right to die for Canadian prisoners serving very long sentences. Isn't it weird that as soon as Charles got to the big lights of media, he has converted into a leftie? As the Oracle of Ottawa as always said, Canada just happens to you eventually! And it seems to be no different with Charles Adler.

Who knew that one of the most requested human rights, the right to die at the time of our choosing, would be provided by the gap toothed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Social Darwinists of the 'Harper Government' of Steve Harper? Why with there strong majority Conservative government, they could ram through the right to die for Canadian prisoners serving long and / or life sentences. Then it would only be a matter of a very short time before a Constitutional challenge was launched by the Right To Die lobby and before you know it, ipso facto, it will be a done deal. As far as the far right Christians, fuck them, they can get there own lobby!

Perhaps the 'Harper Government' has accidentally found its legacy project after all! I mean after all, for crying out loud, Socrates himself, when condemned to death for violating piety and corrupting the youth of Athens was given the choice of drinking the hemlock or suffering the traditional death penalty! Gee! Who knew that Charles Adler ever read Plato? Well the Oracle of Ottawa has got to bring this little missive to a close. I have to get one of my people over to the office of James Moore so that he can get in Charles Adlers recommendation for the Order of Canada in to the PMO, before he is forced to sit as the first Independent Liberal, which by all accounts is going to happen very soon.

Basically every killer should have the right to commit suicide...and therefore so should all other Canadians! Thanks to the 'Harper Government' and Sun News TV, Canadians may soon have the right of legalized euthanasia

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