Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Than A Thousand Clicks

Sorry. We almost had our hands on it - but they double-crossed us once again. Politicians. Shit on them. Good luck Bubba. It's every man for himself now.
Hunter S. Thompson, Better Than Sex, p. 83

The Oracle of Ottawa tracks his readership. Yes he does. Writing this blog has been, at times, a lot like being married to a French girl, just like talking to yourself! The hog is in the tunnel and both ends are closed up. No ribs on the table any time soon. But lately, and becoming more often, several readers are flattering the hell out of the Oracle of Ottawa by searching for this blog with the search words "Oracle of Ottawa  and Hunter S. Thompson"! At first I thought it was my young niece, one of the few of my personal circle who knows the author of this gibberish. But she does not live in the United States or Australia! If you were hoping that this will keep the Oracle of Ottawa going, well you bastards, you got it!

Hunter S. Thompson - The Great Doctor....

With the coming of Bill-C30 in Canada, the Oracle of Ottawa contemplated, but only for a moment, shutting down this blog, before the cops and or CSIS come to my secure bunker and kick down the door. But, fuck it, I am going to pound this gibberish out until they carry me away! If I can't gonzo the creeps that I am paying for to take this country apart, what kind of society am I living in?

Gonzo! I'm bringing it back....

Who would have thought after the 1970's were in and done that it would all pop up again? And who in their wildest dreams thought that it would all pop up in of all places Canada? But hey Bubba! It is all coming down here in Canada. The Oracle of Ottawa finds it difficult to believe that no one at the Prime Ministers Office of the 'Harper Government' ever read the works of the great Doctor! You would think that the lessons were learned and all the jail time was served. But you would be wrong on all counts. We have a scandal that is going to blow in the next weeks, that will give Watergate a total run for its money.   

Watergate was just a freak'in break in. Robogate, that recently discovered scandal in Canada, is way worse, if you can even conceive of that! On the last Federal Election day in Canada the 'Harper Government' and / or its minions, had robo dialers located in Alberta, owned by some company called Rack9, calling thousands of people all over Ontario, posing as an official of Elections Canada, telling voters that their polling stations had been changed and / or moved! There were over fifty seats decided in Ontario by less than five percent of the popular vote! The 'Harper Government' stole the last election! We presently have a totally illegitimate "majority" government in power! Richard Nixon is roaring with laughter from the deepest circle of Hell.

Gods speed you poor fools!!

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