Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Harper Government' - Hot Lipstick

It is equally clear that what an individual often wants for himself (such as an open highway) in the aggregate becomes a nightmare.
Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p. 21

The Oracle of Ottawa knows that he should just leave it alone, just let it go. But he just can't, no matter what I do, I see them, all hot, luscious, and pink. That color! All my old really hot old ladies from my wild days in the Navy wore that same color...Why my woodie was starting to spark, but my internal gagging, prevented any firing.

This is all getting greasy weird...

Did you see it? The Prime Minister Harper (of the 'Harper Government') interview last night on the CBC, or other wise known as "the state broadcaster" by the Tory Bund. Of course it was scripted, or as the Prime Ministers Office calls it "media managed". Poor Peter Mansbridge drew the short straw again(!) and was saddled with the bores nest chore. He looked some what distressed right from the start. But he soldiered on like the professional he is. As he asked all his watered down questions and received the excited and practised answers from "Steve" it all suddenly dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa what was the cause of poor Peters anguish. Those luscious perogy burnt lips! I think the color of Steve's lipstick was Do Me Now pink, double high gloss no less! I can't tell you for the life of me what was said in the interview, all I could see was those smokey pink high-gloss lips!

Then, with out any warning, my significant other, who was reclining on the sofa, with her favorite pillow and blankey, abruptly rose up and headed to our bedroom. I could hear drawers open and close, in ferocious haste. Then it all went quiet. After a short pause there was that indignant stomping to the kitchen garbage can, that soon made that resounding smashing sound as the lid hit the wall with full foot pedal opening force! I heard a bunch of objects fall in and rattle together.Then, like nothing happened, she returned to the sofa, adjusted the pillow and got under her favorite blankey. "What the hell was that all about? " I asked.
She replied "I'll never wear that color again!"

With my old TV (490i), I wouldn't have hardly noticed, but with the Sony Bravia EX620-40 in full HD (1080i) the Prime Ministers lipstick just grossed the wife and I totally out! You could see Peter thinking "don't look at his lips, don't look at his lips".  It would be wise future policy for the Prime Ministers Office to spring for a professional make-up person and not too rely on a staff members gay teenage son, who happens to like experimenting with colors! The make-up industry in Canada is worth hundreds of millions of dollars....

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