Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Harper Government' Kills Keystone XL Pipeline

What defines bourgeois society is not needs, but wants.
Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p. 22

The Oracle of Ottawa has been around a while. He knows a few things. He knows for sure that you never, ever call Americans foreigners! The Oracle of Ottawa also knows that you never, ever interfere with an Americans right to due process, especially when they have reciprocated in a hearing process with no interference of any kind. It was all hanging in the balance, it really was.

Forget about it - its over for good....

Officially the Keystone XL pipeline was canceled by President Obama of the United States on the recommendation of the State Department. The unsavory early appearance of our new present Minister of Foreign Affairs was not looked on with great favor, and was seen as brash and under handed. Just as stated by the Opposition many times in the House  of Commons. Form and protocol is every thing in Washington. Just because you formed a strong, stable, majority Conservative government at home certainly does not entitle you to act like you have one in Washington! The "pit bull" has been de-balled! This is just one of the many disasters to come and the Oracle of Ottawa called this on day one. See earlier posts....

Ultimately the Keystone XL pipeline was killed by the ham fisted machinations of the 'Harper Government', through the actor filling the present office of the Minister of Natural Resources. Some old men like Irwin Cotler will be awesome into their nineties. Some old men like the Minister of Natural Resources should already be in a nice posh day room somewhere out of the way, where they can wreak no havoc. Yes indeed, the 'Harper Government' and its minions of the Tory Bund really showed those Americans didn't they?

Some things are best left to the truly beautiful and the truly intelligent, you know, like it was in the Trudeau era...

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