Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Loved In Sri Lanka?

If the language of art is not accessible to ordinary language and ordinary experience, how can it be accessible to ordinary people?
Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p. 131

Sri Lanka is very far away from the Oracle of Ottawa's secured bunker. Actually it is as about as far away from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada as you could possibly get and still be on Earth. Why the Oracle of Ottawa, who is not a geographical slouch, had to go to Wikipedia and look it up! And with the quick reminder, Sri Lanka used to be part of the British Empire, of course. Why they are a Commonwealth Country just like Canada. And therefore many people speak English, still, to this very day. But the Oracle of Ottawa is very impressed and surprised that some one way out in the Indian Ocean would even know what hockey was!

From Ottawa to Sri Lanka, The Empire still holds?
 Words carry. Shit gets around, especially today. It is most flattering to the Oracle of Ottawa that someone half way around the Earth would come to this humble blog of pure gibberish and spike the hell out it! Perhaps like a butterfly flapping it's wings somewhere, the words of the Oracle of Ottawa will alter the matrix of our present space-time continuum, to set off  that one in a trillion chance chain of events that would result in social justice for all, wherever they are in the world.  But then the Oracle of Ottawa worries about screwing up all the innocent butterfly's.

Like Karl Marx, the Oracle of Ottawa worries about altering the universe with his jottings. It is like William Golding who continued to receive letters all his life from all over the world from readers that got messages from his work that he never considered in his wildest dreams! I wonder what Wittgenstein would have thought about that?

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