Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sun News TV - Freedom Weekend!

The market is where social structure and culture cross.
Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p. 55

Are you going to go? Imagine! Discussions and "events" with your favorite Sun News personalities! Who could pass this up? Set at a very posh resort at Lake Rosseau, gee, you would think it was just like the first Bilderberg Group meeting. At over 200 km from Toronto there seems to be only one resort on the lake. It is called Windermere House. It markets itself as a "preferred" resort. What ever that means...

Dine on "ethical duck" with Ezra!

Just imagine the sheer elegance of it all. Words fail me, let me put it all into pictures...First, imagine dining with Ezra Levant! I mean that is a life changing event, no doubt. I always wondered what wine goes with perogies? Then, how hot would it be to watch the "stars" with Krista Erickson? You will just never be the same after that for sure...And then there is supposed to be snowshoeing with that fat cockey guy who's name escapes me. Sure sounds like a fine time, don't it?

Watch the "stars" with Krista!

Snowshoing with whats his name...

Why maybe in the down time from all these stimulating events you might have time to look into a fractional time share in the un-built phase n of that thriving cottage development. Hey! No pressure!

An "ethical duck" ready to be harvested from the Syncrude tailings pond in Alberta. Bon appetite!

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