Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'Harper Government' Meets Helen Of Troy?

Give up the girl? I swear she will grow old
at home in Argos, far from her own country,
working my loom and visiting my bed.
Leave me in peace and go, while you can, in safety.
Homer, The Iliad, Robert Fitzgerald Translation, Book I, lines 35-38

And you thought the Tory Bund of the 'Harper Government' would come to ground with the issues of the gap toothed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging social Darwinists, of the deep rear back benches, as they fought for the rights of hetro-sexual marriage and the lives of the unborn, no matter what? But it now appears that there is a Trojan Horse in the Tory Bund, that is going to bring a rather much more interesting mythological fall of the whole damn mess. The Oracle of Ottawa is as surprised as you no doubt are.

Size does matter?

Befriend and betray. It has all worked so well for the "The Boss" till now. But as usual with sadistic, bent bullies, at some point they go too far, and fuck over the wrong person. Then the whole house is brought down slowly and all so publicly. Like a local Tory riding association president taking the wings off of a fly...The dream Tory ideological city will soon be illuminating the night like the burning ruins of Troy of all those years ago.

Helen of Troy - Comes to Ottawa...

It all started, when, at the behest and orders of "The Boss", that a certain young stud of a minister, whose usefulness had exceeded his expiry date, was outed, under the radar, so to speak, so that he would no longer be that late night lingering threat... He had committed all the sins. He was better looking by a mile, way too smart for his own good, and the insult of insults; his old lady is way better looking then anything any Tory has ever done! "The Boss" realizes that with that exotic young Persian on his arm, no one will even see the boss, and the embarrassment of having to drag his old wal-mart frump to the same functions, well! And what the hell is "The Boss" to say to that forever friend ambassador of that troublesome little country from the middle east? Especially when the ambassador from Iran comes calling at the same time?!! Oy Vey!!

Mrs. Peter Afshin-Jam-MacKay gets "on message"...

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