Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jeffrey Paul Delisle - Changing The Channel Fail

The ultimate support for any social system is the acceptance by the population of a moral justification of authority.
Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p.77

In the Canadian Constitution and / or the Charter of Rights it says that Canadians have freedom of the press. The only thing they forgot to add was that you better own the press! Ho-Ho Bubba! Who ever heard of a forty year old sub subby in the Navy? Do you think if you worked at HMCS Trinity and you started running with a real hot Russian babe that answered to the name of Tatania that somehow the Military Police would sort of put the kibosh on the whole thing all so quietly and with no trail to the vulgar old media? This has all been so weird that the Oracle of Ottawa smells a rat deader and stinkier then I don't know what! And the failure of the old vulgar media on covering this sad tale is woeful to say the least! One begins to wonder if that the old vulgar press guys shit there pants when some trollope from the Prime Ministers Office poses as a member of CSIS !

SOSUS - tap, tap, Is This thing on or what? (lol...)
 Think about it. Does the story you heard make any sense? The timing of the thing is just amazing! The Keystone XL pipeline goes down the tubes and a young cabinet minister marries an Iranian and presto! We have a spy story of the century, so far! Please! And don't worry this poor putz is certainly no Robert Hanssen! This is about as damaging as broken car window. Ask yourself; why would the Russians risk an international incident over information about SOSUS? They have their own SOSUS system. They would just run their boats over their own sensors, just like us and the Americans! It is all standard practice.

The other argument is that the Russians are looking for information on the Arctic? That they are looking for secret information to justify a land claim? Forget about it! They gave up all that and any extra future claims to the Arctic, when the Czars sold Alaska to the United States. Think about it... The reality is that Denmark does have a valid claim and will get some of the sector adjoining the Canadian sector. The Russians will get what they already got.  Everything that is on the other side of the Canadian sector. Which is much larger than the Canadian and Danish sectors put together. Geez, you guys at Justice, should get on the ball.

The Cold War is long gone. There are no secrets! Over eighty five per cent of all the "secrets" are out in the open media online. Any rational clear and logically thinking person can put together a very accurate picture of all the events now ongoing. It is all in asking the right questions. The Oracle of Ottawa bets that this poor putz of a disaster will have the grounds for a huge lawsuit before too long. I just hope that the pathetic press and the lawyers will step up and put the crush on this flagrant attempt of a channel switch to hide the Tory Bund's increasing failings.

What they do with the SOSUS system, that in the United States has been turned over to NOAA, since the Russians practically have nothing at sea, and the USN doesn't require it any more.....Yawn....Lofagram anyone?

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