Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich Helps The 'Harper Government'

Modern culture is defined by this extraordinary freedom to ransack the world storehouse and to engorge any and every style it comes upon.
Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p.13

As the great Hunter S. Thompson said in copy from campaigns many decades ago; Scum also rises. The great Doctor would be amazed at the progress we have achieved since then. Now, the Scum still rises, even bringing its own baggage! Well Bubba, that's progress. Hide your sons and daughters. The screw heads are coming over the horizon! Again!

The mighty newt...

Old Steve of the 'Harper Government' must surely have choked on his Alpha-getti, when watching the hardy (hardly?) endorsement that the mighty Newt flipped the 'Harper Government' on the recent announcement by the State Department and the Office of the President of the United States that the "sure thing" Keystone XL pipeline was now on the far back burner. Probably for good and forever. And, no doubt, for the better of everyone in the way.

It was awful generous of the mighty Newt to say that the 'Harper Government' is conservative. But that bit hidden between the verbal barf-up that implies Americans, Chinese, it is all the same.As long as who ever is the end customer ponies up the required and fungible legal tender. It is only stupid, dirty oil after all. Meanwhile, somewhere in a secure bunker in Beijing, old Hu, between episodes of The Price Is Right, rubs his chop sticks together in utter glee. Careful not to disturb the empty bottles of Three Penis Wine that are accumulating at his feet. 

Old Steve of the 'Harper Government' ponders the near future. Old Joe will have to go. And what the hell is to be done with that defense minister? The House starts the second session on January 30. With all the present and recent deviations from the carefully scripted message, the Opposition will be like a pack of wolves that stumbled on to an unlocked feed lot.

As old Steve tries to find some solace in the dark dank halls of 24 Sussex Drive, Stanley the cat is really gagging up on another hair ball. With one last sickening heave and a strange popping sound, the agony is over. Steve attends to inspect the mess. Lynn! Call the vet! The cat puked up his asshole! 

The mighty newt helps the 'Harper Government'. The real meat starts at 3:00. Enjoy!

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