Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did You Ever See A Corporation Vote?

As Hegel well knew, the ascent of reason has never followed a straight line.
Paul A. Baran, The Political Economy of Growth, p. 298

You know the whole world is in deep do-do when the founder of the World Economic Forum stands up in Davos and finally admits right out loud that something is wrong with capitalism! Now you can't knock old Klaus Schwab. The big hoe-down at Davos is not the Bilderberg Group. All the meetings are covered by accredited Press of the vulgar old media and the the hot new media. Why you can catch quite a bit of it on BBC. The conclusion that you have to come to is that old Klaus is at least really trying to make the world a better place, free of the Washington Consensus.

Klaus informs us that capitalism is busted...

Why even Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' is in attendance. Hoping that he will hit on some strange, near as good looking as that other young ministers wife, what's his name... But he better pay attention to the lectures, he doesn't have a chance in hell of trapping the hot exotic stuff. Even though he is the leader of a 'super power' it is all Wal-Mart clad muffins for him for ever. Of course, as far as the Conservatives are concerned, there is nothing at all wrong with capitalism. We just have to lower costs, i.e. taxes, and dismantle what remains of the Canadian state even quicker! This will make capitalism work better.

The Keystone XL pipeline has recently bitten the dust. The Gateway pipeline  is no doubt soon going to be toast also and shortly. You know it is in trouble when the federal Minister of Natural Resources, one Joe Oliver, sends out letters and press releases shitting over all the legal NGO's and the environmental lobby for showing up at the hearings!  Of course he doesn't mention the presence of the money of big oil and is always very silent of the monster money from the Peoples Republic of China! Yes sir Bubba! It appears that there are a lot of people in public life that are just now discovering the cost of their fulfilled "ricer" fantasies as provided by the Chinese Embassy! With tapes and video to back up their chits, the China-men want results now!

With all the focused attention on serving corporate interests you would swear to God that corporations voted! The Oracle of Ottawa has never missed a chance to vote when he could. But for the life of me, I have yet to see a corporation vote! Have you? Then you have to ask yourself why the 'Harper Government' goes to such lengths and trouble to serve an entity that cannot finance or vote for them in the next election.What ever could be the driving force?

The same malady has descended to us in the City of Ottawa. Instead of standing up to the 'Harper Government' even symbolically, Gentleman Jim Watson the fearless burger of Ottawa has stated in his State of the City report that he is just going to roll-over and cave. Allowing the 'Harper Government' to dismantle the unionized civil service, that will be replaced by the same people working now on  for minimum wage for some scum sucking Calgary contractor! The same is being planned for OC Transpo, as that international sole sourced contract for the great Ottawa "subway" is soon to be awarded, manned forever with cheap Chinese contract workers? Can't happen? Really...

The perfect metaphoric analogy of the current situation of Canada and the City of Ottawa... Just try to watch....

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