Tuesday, January 24, 2012

France Welcomes Turkey to The EU

Every culture we have tended to assume, hangs together in some fashion, and this we have called its style.
Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p. 99

There will be no smell of curd cheese and goats hair in the French Senate! It will continue to be the usual smell of Chanel and unwashed bodies. Whether or not this will inspire Turkey to continue to desire entry in to the European Union is quite another question. I have always felt that on this question Europe should really take a pass. You shouldn't have to marry off your daughter to an Arab just because you fancy a bit Shawarma now and then.

Smells great, or what!

What Turkey should do is form and join the Arab Union. I have always wondered why these people have always avoided this most natural move? It would be the third pole in an otherwise bipolar world. And we all know how stable a two legged stool is don't we? Why if they only would get on with it, we could probably get Russia to be a full member of the European Union! And then, who would be the World Power now? Ho Bubbha! Get your Waterman treaty signing pen shined up, I smell an empire under creation.

Don't worry about us in the Americas! With that big French government presence in Canada through Quebec, that darn EU is everywhere now, in name or in practice. Geez! Thomas Jefferson never saw this coming, did he? Any left over invaders and has beens could easily be disposed of by the rolling of a large brick of the finest Limburger cheese into the battle formations.

Not very popular in Turkey, but the French Armenians don't seem to mind. You got a problem with that?

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