Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is The Liberal Party of Canada Doomed?

When will crowds out knowledge we call the result obstinacy.
Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms, On Psychology, no. 10

It was early Saturday morning, and the Oracle of Ottawa thought he would check out the progress of that policy convention that the Liberals were throwing downtown at the big new Ottawa Convention Center. It was being broadcast live via CPAC. What the Oracle of Ottawa saw was not very uplifting. When I had tuned in all the liberal wall-e's were trying to vote on a resolution with their cell phones! Now of course their were the rich wall-e's with the latest I-Phone thingy's and they were done in a snap! Then there were the want to be wall-e's with the welfare bum budget phones, that just didn't seem to be able to grasp the nut of the exercise... It also could have been all those budget phone plans also, it seemed the poor wall-e's couldn't even get connected to the great red grid! Has the great dream of the Just Society come to this?

Wall-e and Eve do the Liberal convention in Ottawa...

There have been signs for weeks now...the news, that some contractor fart catcher wall-e came up with the brilliant idea that the Liberal Party should have primaries just like the hick Albertans and The Americans! Why if I wanted that I would have just voted Conservative! And then the worst possible scenario of old decrepit Bob Rae talking like Paul Martin, that he isn't really going to run for the leadership...God in heaven help us all...The bigger dick delusions born in the dorms of the University of Toronto just won't die, will they?  Lets face it folks, the Liberal Party of Canada seems now to be just a bunch of terminal "grass eaters". Hoping for one more green field...

And what the hell was Rotman School of Management doing at a Liberal Party policy convention? And who was paying for all this? And doesn't Rotman have a marketing advisement contract with the Conservative Party of Canada? And if you ever owned a stock in your life, you know that to make money with Rotman advice you always do the opposite of what they suggest! They are consistent, but they are always wrong!! I guess the Liberal party of Canada is the perfect client! I hate to say it, but the way it looks now folks, there just doesn't seem to be a hope in hell.  

Wall-e discovers another "device"... He doesn't have much luck with this one either! Alas.. the roach is a spy from the conservative party....

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