Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'Harper Government' - How It Will End

The good before him, but perverts best things
To worst abuse, or to thir meanest use.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Lines 203-204

It has been one year since the illegitimate, nine man majority 'Harper Government' has stolen power. Any pig eyed, gap toothed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging social Darwinist can dismantle a nation state. It takes philosopher kings to build them. Many people in Canada believe that the dynasty is all but invincible. But they are very wrong, and will be very surprised when history shows that they will barely live to the next election.

Will good times be the end?

Already you can see the start of the cracks of the coming collapse. As the Oracle of Ottawa has predicted, the nine man majority is already starting to fade. The House of Commons is no place for the old, sick, and infirm, I mean, just ask the remains of the Liberal Party of Canada! And, as also predicted, many members of the 'Harper Government' don't have the mental stamina that power requires. If you are resident in Ottawa, you know this is true. It is not uncommon to spot a "high profile" minister of the 'Harper Government' wandering around aimlessly in certain Ottawa retail establishments in a daze, wondering why no one will even go near them. Truth be told, the 'Harper Government' and its minions are absolutely despised in Ottawa.

Any one with eyes can see that the back bench - cabinet rift is already well on its way. Already the right wing, militant, bible thumping, mouth breathers from places like Ducks Ass Alberta, are ready to throw the 'Harper Government' down the stairs if they don't start seeing some of their wack - ball agenda coming to fruition. And you don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you how this is going to turn out.Then the cracks will be very visible indeed. The war between the front and the back of the House.

For a strong majority government, there certainly has been very many greasy incidents that are surely and certainly eating away very quickly at any political capital. Too many to rehash here. But the credulity of the masses are certainly being taken to the brink at the weeks latest incident. The fast tracking of a Temporary Resident Permit  for a certain ex-Canadian press baron, currently a guest of the American Federal Prison System certainly takes the cake, so far...  But being a past member of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee certainly will open very many doors for you with the Conservative Party of Canada. Wham, stamped, and approved.

The recent hard times has been good for the "Harper Government'. But hard times do not last forever. And that fact dear reader is what will bring down the 'Harper Government'. Soon, sooner than you think all that hidden capital stashed all around the world will come out all at once. Tax revenues will go through the roof. The 'Harper Government' will be caught red handed trying to hide it. Inflation will kick in as it does in good times, the deficit will vanish, to be replaced with an unbelievable surplus. But what will you hear from the wee Jimmy, the finance minister?  You got it, austerity must continue, The bogey-man is under every bed, and behind every door... After all, that is the only script that the tory's can grasp...

How come George Galloway can't come to Canada? And give his Conrad speech?

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