Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Harper Government' - Feeling The Heat?

The feudal warranty is, doubtless derived from the ancient duty of the feudal lord to protect his liege man 'with fire and sword against all deadly'. It was of the essence of the feudal bond, that the vassal should be under his lord's protection. 
Edward Jenks, A Short History Of The English Law, p. 109

Another day, another Sunday. And, as is his want, the Oracle of Ottawa left the confines of his secure bunker to venture to somewhere in the Ottawa Valley, to visit a very distinguished "seasoned citizen". On the way of course, the automobile radio was tuned to Cross Country Checkup , hosted by the tool of the 'Harper Government' Rex Murphy. Today's topic was about the student demonstrations that have been going on now for weeks in the Province of Quebec. Although the Oracle of Ottawa was trying to give old nervous Rex every benefit of the doubt, it was painfully obvious that Rex was trying to "shape" the message. No doubt at the behest of the Prime Ministers Office.On the next National broadcast that Rex appears on, someone from the vulgar media should ask him straight out; Rex, did you sign the Jimmy Moore purity pledge?

It is all about the dis-mantling of the social contract...

It is very obvious to the Oracle of Ottawa that the so called "radical students" in Quebec have figured out the whole 'Harper Government' algorithm. Oh yes, they have indeed. To someone outside the province it appears to be such a small matter, and such a small amount of chump change. You see Quebec has free post secondary education. The Premiere of Quebec has decided to charge a small tuition fee. Now the key here is that the fee will make absolutely no difference to the cost of the provincial government. It is all right out of the Bilderberg Group / Illuminati playbook. You start with a small demand, the chumps, expecting reciprocation, agree, hoping to show their good will and a desire to restore peace and order. But the kids in Quebec know what will really happen. As soon as they cave on the first wedge demand, they know that the second bigger demand will soon be coming. They are playing it all perfectly, and the Oracle of Ottawa predicts a long hot summer...

Soon the Oracle of Ottawa reached his destination. Whereupon certain intelligence was related to the Oracle of Ottawa concerning the Conservative Party of Canada or more commonly known as the 'Harper Government'. It seems that there is a huge phone fund raising blitz continuing at a feverish pace. The pitch is that there are many nefarious agents  at present saying all kinds of (true) things about the present 'Harper Government' that can simply not be tolerated. Is the 'Harper Government' going to run attack ads against economics? It seems that the NDP revelation, which is totally founded upon fact, that Canada is suffering from Dutch disease, is causing nothing less than total panic at the PMO. Well good luck with that Bubba!

Again, dear reader, it is all about choice, about the fact that you still have (for now) a choice. It seems that a few Canadians do care about these minor things. It appears that a few Canadians are not going to stand idly by, as the long standing social contracts of Canada are dismantled. This simple fact is causing sheer terror and panic in the government of the day. There is another young and hungry party that is ready take power. There is more than a few Canadians that do care.  

We will soon see who cares....

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