Monday, May 14, 2012

'Harper Government' - Dutch Disease

I come no enemie, but to set free
From out this dark and dismal house of pain,
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book II, Lines 823-824

You really know that the 'Harper Government' is totally out-gunned when in Question Period of Friday last, it was up to the fourth party of one, in the person of Elizabeth May to try to explain to the knuckle dragging Tory back-benchers what exactly Dutch disease was! You could see that the 'Harper Government' just wasn't getting it at all. No one was going to accuse them of a foreign disease, due to, no doubt, fast and loose morals and possibly having something to do with water borne mold! No lefty of any stripe is going to tell a member of the "Conservative Party of Canada" that they are doing their religion all wrong!

Dutch disease...

So it sits to the Oracle of Ottawa to explain it, without the constraints of time limits and the presence of gap toothed, mouth breathing, inbred, knuckle dragging, social-Darwinists, all foaming at the mouth, knowing instinctively that they are in the process of looking stupid yet again.

The term was first coined in the Economist Magazine in 1977, in an article that described the effect of large sums of money entering into a (new) resource based economy, that was once a manufacturing based economy. This happened in Holland in 1959, when a very huge natural gas field was discovered in the area of
of Slochteren, which is located in the north east corner of Holland, more properly called the Netherlands. Well it was a gusher! Why at the present time there is still 2,700 billion cubic meters still left to get up and out! Which is so large that it would still give any gas field in present day Alberta quite a good run.

Well, as you can imagine, the hot new high paying field to work in was the Dutch gas industry! These people came from the present Dutch manufacturing industries, which causes direct industrialization! Along with the currency being re-valued by the world, i.e. greatly upward, this caused the Dutch manufacturing sector to decline even further. Why just like Ontario and the rest of Canada is right now! Dutch disease is also a perfect example of how the "free market" can eat a nation alive! This of course is the 'Harper Government's worst night-mare! A perfect example of "externalities" that proves that unrestricted free market capitalism can be the utter death of a state!

This unwelcome revelation of the facts coupled with the 'Harper Government's buried changes in the last budget bill to gut all the previous environmental safe guards is ironically going to cause the Canadian economy more harm than good! History will prove that the 'Harper Government' is actually creating its own downfall, along with yours and mine, by their slavish following of their primitive 18th century economic ideology! How sweet is that?

Is Canada catching Dutch disease?

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