Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peter Kent Circles The Bowl?

Sublim'd with Mineral fury, aid the Winds,
And leave a singed bottom all involv'd
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 235-236

Political power requires stamina, mentally and physically, but mostly physically. The Oracle of Ottawa knows about such things. And it is with the greatest confidence that the Oracle of Ottawa predicts that one third to one half of the present 'Harper Government' cabinet ministers will not last until 2015. You really got that message watching today's Question Period.

"The minister of the environment has the floor...."

It used to fun watching the young Megan Leslie tear apart the hapless Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent in Question Period. You don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you that the young Megan is just brilliant as hell, and, no doubt, has a great future ahead of her. But today it was just pathetic and painful to watch. Now that doesn't mean that the Oracle of Ottawa didn't enjoy it any less, but that it was just pathetic.

If you hit the link that  the Oracle has provided, you will find that Megan is fully educated for the job she has. York University, Dal for the law degree, and tons of practical trench experience. If you hit Peter Kent's article on Wikipedia, one can only deduce that he was home schooled! There is no mention of any scholastic achievement what so ever! Now, who ever heard about a Minister of the Environment of a first world country that was home schooled? Why Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies could do a better job! It is very well documented that Jethro had a ton of sixth grade learning! And on all the environment questions he would have Ellie May to fall back on, Ellie May loved her critter's and was one of the first modern stewards of the environment, wasn't she?

Now Peter Kent knows a few things. He knows that the normal human gift of shame and a sense of common decency does not a Conservative cabinet minister make. And Peter Kent now knows that the only thing that could have been worse than losing the last election was winning. Well okay, he knows that now! Let the Oracle of Ottawa be perfectly frank. Peter Kent is at best an idiot savant. He is as dumb and as thick as a post. But the good Lord provided him with high cheek bones, a head too large for his body, and the uncanny ability to read what was put on a teleprompter.What he is doing in Canadian federal politics the Oracle of Ottawa will never understand.

When a cabinet minister of the government of the day is not allowed to stand to his place and answer the questions of the opposition, he or she is a total failure. When some other minister stands for another ministers question, that said minister that is still sitting is a total failure! And when it looks your grand mother that is even a worse fail. And the Oracle of Ottawa must mention, in passing, that it has been a very long time since he has seen an old white woman go from white to beet red in less than thirty seconds! The minister of revenue should really take care of that blood pressure, before it takes care of her!

And today was a double fail for the 'Harper Government' in that the Leader of the House, Peter the Loon had to stand for all his ministers to try and get control of the rapidly crumbling situation. It reminded the Oracle of Ottawa of the aftermath of a car bombing in the Middle East, you know, the guys that show up in girlie curls and beards wearing those weird hats, that pick up all the body parts with an enjoyed  morbid obsession...

Yes indeed, it truly appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Minister of the Environment is circling the bowl, and it is with the utmost respect that he asks Megan Leslie to make sure that she flushes twice. It is a long way to the Green's Creek sewage plant from Parliament Hill...

Yes, Peter Kent is a piece of ... well just listen for yourself!

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