Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why There Are No Wheel Chair Ramps In Quebec...

So spake the Sovran voice, and Clouds began 
To darken all the Hill, and smoak to rowl
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VI, Lines 56-57

Speaking truth to power is all getting rather futile in the present times in Ottawa, and it is also getting really weird as of late. Watching Question Period Friday last serves as a very good example, the Oracle of Ottawa watched as a slight but vital NDP back bencher asked in utter fury of the 'Harper Government' why the application by a charity in her Quebec riding to the Enabling Accessibility Fund was passed as to criteria, (scoring over 82 points of a possible 100), but yet refused out of hand with no explanation! At the time the Oracle of Ottawa was wondering what all the fuss was about, and let it slide to the back of his mind.

Oy vey...

It was latter in the day when the Oracle of Ottawa was reading the Friday number of the Globe And Mail that he got his answer! It started on page one and continued onto page A4. It seems that a few applications to the fund (from Quebec...),  that passed criteria were bumped off the list by the over efficient Minister Diane Finley(!) at the personal intervention and behest of Minister John Baird! It seems that a pal in his Ottawa riding, one Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn who provided batman and chaperon services to the great mans visit to Israel January last, is in dire need of some accessibility funds for some handicap access at the local Chabad Center. The small problem was that the submitted project only scored 51 out of a 100. A bit of a problem from all points of view, what ever is to be done? It was all quite easy, the Minister Baird went to the Minister Finley and informed her that Chabad was very deserving as it was low in criteria points! Wham, Bam, Stamped!  There apparently was another Chabad project that was also "very deserving" and it too was approved by the Minister Finley, the other one was in the riding of Peter Kent! No money laundering was involved... 

Senate Chamber - The new Third Temple?

One can only wonder what the people who are still on hold trying to get some help from the central services site of the Government of Canada are thinking. Not to mention the many legions who are trying to find out where their unemployment checks are! I am sure they are very impressed with Ministers Finley's efficiencies!

Now the rumor in Ottawa is that the Chabad applications were given all ministerial speed due to Divine Intervention! Now you can't make this stuff up, can you? Any way it seems that Chabad is expecting the Messiah any time now! Who knew? And the Chabad lads have designated the soon to be empty Senate Chamber as the ideal spot for the Third Temple! Complete with ritual sacrificial offerings, just like in the olden days. CSIS has been recently delegated to draw up plans for the smoke clearing of the burnt offerings and the blood drainage problems, not to mention dealing with the daily expected mob of rioting animal rights protesters, that will no doubt be out on Wellington Street everyday! And the last reason was the slam dunk. What if Jesus came back in a wheel chair? Answer that one! 

It is all quite harmless folks, these Chabad guys have no power at all over governments....


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