Monday, May 28, 2012

Lisa Raitt - How Twisted Is That?

Willful Murder
Oppression of the poor
Cheating laborers of their wages
Cathedral Daily Missal, p. 28

Well, for a female 'Harper Government' minister, three out of four ain't bad! But for the sixty percent plus of all Canadians that did not vote for the 'Harper Government', we all know the truth of the 'Harper Government'. And that is the fact that it is just loaded with psychiatric couch cases from one end to the other. Much to the surprise of the Oracle of Ottawa it seems that Lisa Raitt is no exception. If you want a full explanation the Oracle of Ottawa strongly recommends the fully cited article on Wikipedia. The real interesting part is the Background section.

CP Rail - Another spiral to the bottom?

It seems that the minister, the youngest of seven children, born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, grew up in a nice union family! Her father was way up there in the Cape Breton Railway Transportation and General Workers Union, which is now part of the Canadian Auto Workers! How much of a treacherous Judas can a daughter turn out to be? Talk about making your parents proud! And the worst of it all is that she is not like the rest of the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging social Darwinists. She has been educated, why she has even been to the hallowed halls of the Middle Temple in London (England)! She certainly knows the environmental effects of the present 'Harper Government'; she has a Masters degree in environmental chemistry! Where, dear reader, do you think it all went so wrong? 

It just staggers the Oracle of Ottawa's imagination, that this repressive destroyer of labor law and traditional rights grew up in a union home. Talk about "issues"! And speaking of issues. How come no one from the NDP or the Liberals brought up the fine point that the board of Canadian Pacific has recently fallen in a palace coup to the control of an American hedge fund vulture? There should be no surprise that the pension fund is going to stripped down as far as the law will allow. What ever is in it for the Minister of Labor to allow this to happen?

It's the Teamsters now...Good luck with that! Only about 1.4 million members and access to the best legal minds that money can buy....

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