Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Symbolism of Denis 'Winky' Lebel

Ethereal temper, massy, large and round,
Behind him cast; the broad circumference
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 285-286

Denis 'Winky' Lebel is the present Minister of Transport in the present 'Harper Government'. When you have to put "actors" like this in the cabinet, it is easy to understand the perpetual gag order on all ministers of the Crown as enforced by the Prime Ministers Office. Now the Oracle of Ottawa is not saying the minister is shakey,  but holy shit, is this guy ever shakey! If you were forced due to regional considerations to stick this in your cabinet, you can easily understand how even a pig could get bags under its eyes!

Winky at home with the wife and kids...
 Now most Canadians would expect the Minister of Transport to be at least an engineer, or the former CEO of one of the great Canadian  railways. You know, something in that vain of experience. But what do we have today? Why we have the former mayor of Roberval, Quebec! Or as is he is known in the petit ville, the seigneur of all the habitants he sees! And before d'at, taber whet, he run the only Hotel in da town! A modern day seigneur, mode zee! And don't you forget d'at!

Well the world in Ottawa on the Hill is a totally different world. We never had feudalism in Ontario as recently as Quebec has had, i.e. right into the 20th century. And the problems and the issues that turn up each and every day are just so much more complicated than anything you would encounter back in Roberval. And you can tell when you watch the Minister stand to his seat in Question Period that he is most all the time over whelmed.

So much over whelmed that he has one the most gut splitting tells the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed of  anyone in Canadian public life, (so far...). It appears that when the hapless Minister has got his micro-dick caught in the pencil sharpener, so to speak, his left eye, (your right on television) starts to twitch uncontrollably. The Oracle of Ottawa knows it is cruel, but it has me rolling on the floor in insane uncontrollable laughter.

It all reminds the Oracle of Ottawa of a greasy old strip club waiter back in Portage du Fort who was just desperate to do this new exotic Asian stripper at the club. Well he finally got to do her doggy in the store room, and as he was getting his "freak" on, that eye started to twitch... and as he was getting to the short strokes, he thought as a man of the world, that he would provide some stimulation to the clitoral region only to find out that the exotic creature was a she-male.... "I didn't know, but it feel so good, I couldn't stop...."

You can't make this stuff up.....

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