Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ottawa Does FIFA

And some the Architect: his hand was known
In Heav'n by many Towered structure high,
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 732-733

Once Ottawa was one of the top ten cities of the world. One can only imagine what was going through the minds of the stakeholders located in Alta Vista and Rothwell Heights as they separated their slops from their dinner and continue to wonder where they can hide the garbage from the By-Law officer until the next garbage pick-up! Yes folks, the City of Ottawa had $400,000 to spend to get a FIFA sanctioned woman's soccer tournament, but they can't afford to pick up my garbage once a week!

Not wanted here...

The footage on the vulgar media was enough to make one puke in utter disgust. The designated money must have gotten to the correct hands after all, why even the Septic Bladder from FIFA showed up with the token ethnic assistant cabinet minister from the 'Harper Government'! And yet you think the Oracle of Ottawa is out of line to question who is really running the City of Ottawa? My recent bit on the Prime Ministers Office appointment of the new City Librarian cost the Oracle of Ottawa his Ad-Sense stream! Can you imagine dear stakeholder how many of your tax dollars went into that? The phone lines must have been buzzing from Ottawa City Hall to the main headquarters of Google somewhere in California... Well! As far as the Oracle of Ottawa knows, Google has not given up the Oracle of Ottawa, yet... Although, the Oracle of Ottawa hears from people who know about such things, that being served can only greatly increase hits to the blog! Perhaps everything of the New World Order, is not totally so bad after all.

We will do business with anybody?

The Oracle of Ottawa does not venture very far from the secure bunker very much any more, but for the life of me, I can not remember where the 60,000 seat soccer stadium is located in the City of Ottawa! One simply can't see how 'Gentleman Jim' is going to get that together by 2015!  So for all you poor soccer schmucks who expect a world class facility, you can forget about it! Don't bother coming to my patch, start making your own better, so I can continue to enjoy mine! Got that? Good...

It seems that Ottawa has totally lost it's way. It seems that the Burgers of Ottawa will do business with any body. We will take any body's money. For example, it is still and will be always a real burr in the Oracle of Ottawa's shorts that Ottawa's sister city is stinking Beijing, China! Jesus! Not only will the Burgers of Ottawa bow, but they will suck cock also! The proper sister city for my home, the city of Ottawa is Bergen, Norway.
These people have nothing to learn from us, but we have a lot to learn from them! But when you get sucked into the Canada - China friendship society, your doomed. They have tapes, pictures, and receipts..., when it blows and it will, hold on to your seat folks.

The Oracle of Ottawa can only wonder what is next? Perhaps we will score the Mid Western United States Crystal Meth Cooks Convention....

Ya, I guess we will, like we soo need the money.....

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