Sunday, May 27, 2012

'Harper Government' - Reload, Shoot Other Foot

His lustre visibly impar'd; yet seemed
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Lines 850-851

Well dear readers, it is the night before Question Period of the resumed session. And all through the House not creature is stirring, not even a redundant Public Works mouse... Enough of that. The Oracle of Ottawa will save the rest for the suitable time of the year. Even the original Nazi Bund all those years ago couldn't fight on two fronts, but the 'Harper Government' is opening up more fronts than an obsessive compulsive back bencher with a multiple personality disorder. Even the Oracle of Ottawa is surprised how fast the 'Harper Government' is getting to the self immolation phase of there awesome majority government!

Ye want fries with that Buck-o?

Lord thunder'in Jesus bye! Did you see that state broadcaster footage of that cock faced minister in Truro, Nova Scotia handle the locals and the press as they all but nearly rose up to lynch him? The Oracle of Ottawa loved every moment. It is no doubt at the time of this writing that it is finally dawning on one of the trots at the Prime Ministers Office that the people that are going to be affected the most by the new draconian changes to Employment Insurance are all located in the riding's of the Conservatives! Opps! Why, it is in all those rural riding's that exist all the entre-pren-whore fruit growers, berry plantations, and other labor intensive sweat holes that utterly live or die on the ready availability of  "rent-a-darkies"!  Or more commonly known to you and I as the Guest Worker Program. It seems that the bugged eyed minister of "human disasters" is going to cut back on these possible terrorist guest workers in favor of the laid off suits from the closest Canadian metropolitan area!

Well all the Oracle of Ottawa can tell you little agricultural entre-pren-whores is that you better have a very large extended family available come the fall! Or you might as well plow the whole freak'in lot under right now. It is about time I suppose that the Tory Bund is going to introduce its strongest supporters to the Ricardian theory of international trade! Yes sir Bubbha! You can bet your last exploited guest worker that at the same moment that the bug-eyed minister of "Human Resources" was announcing the last of your cheap labor source that several American and Mexican fruit wholesalers are loading up the fridges to cut your grass come this fall and winter! Now I hope you can take your introduction to the new opportunity rich world of globalization with the same aplomb as the people from the rust belt that was once southern Ontario.

Here are most of the details, good luck with that!!

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