Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Harper Government' - Who Are We?

Whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supream
Above his equals.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 248-249

Much to the amazement of the Oracle of Ottawa, it seems that the 'Harper Government' is defying its allies and what little common sense it ever had, to do up a deal with Huawei, the great spy telecom of China's Politburo. The Oracle of Ottawa wonders, what could be worse? To be trapped and bribed by a very nasty foreign power, or to have an American executive order for your termination-with extreme prejudice- outstanding? Our neighbors to the  south don't take sass very well at any time. But when that sass involves and possibly endangers our whole security establishment around the world, well Bubbha, I would be keeping a close eye in the rear view mirror...

Wired for sound?
 And yes, the Oracle of Ottawa knows that the President can no longer sign an executive order for a you-know what, anymore... But that doesn't mean he can't sign an executive order to get some other foreign power to do it. (Hint: Oy vey...)  Politics is the art of the possible, or so the Oracle of Ottawa has always been told. With a mere nine seat majority in an elected House of over 350 seats, a few sudden and strangely coincidental examples of sudden demises would hardly be seen as suspicious, would they?

Why, thank you very much...

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