Monday, November 7, 2011

A Street Car Named Desire - Ottawa Style

It was sex, violence, crime, craziness and filth - all in one package.
Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels, p. 23

Every wally, trot, skidmark and prep in the City of Ottawa with a camera phone thinks he and / or she or "it"  is freaking Cecil B. DeMille! But this story has nothing to do with that. This story is about one of the most blatant and basest "labour consultant" hatchet jobs that the Oracle of Ottawa has ever had the pleasure to witness. The said video of the incident has been attached below. Take a moment now to peruse it. All you can see is some pathetic skanky geek whispering into the "alleged" bus drivers ear. You hear a voice of a very annoyed person, sight unseen, giving the said pretty geek the verbal lashing of a lifetime, no doubt from this viewers position, very well deserved. Another day in the big city. You got a problem with that?

Now just another shit job...

You can see the blatant foreign American consultant influence in the said video. It is all engineered to help the pathetic come to a easy, snap, confident decision of smug guilt of the "alleged" bus driver. This came about no doubt from the recent utter trashing the City took at the bargaining table recently. Did you see Jim "Alcibiades" Watson in the local vulgar media announcing the contract? The Oracle of Ottawa watched very closely. One has to admire Gentleman Jim's greatest talent as a small market politician; that of being able to speak coherently while grinding his teeth! I started to count the days before the face saving incident would come to light. The Oracle of Ottawa was not to be disappointed.

An OC Transpo driver familiar with the "alleged victim" told the Oracle of Ottawa by phone, that the said driver in the video, that was unseen in the video, was constantly being harassed by the pretty "alleged victim" attempting to get the said "alleged" driver to provide the main musical instrument for a skin flute concerto that the young pretty thing was dying to perform for the pleasure of all involved. It appears that the "alleged" driver did not have the said and desired instrument available, clearly and in no uncertain terms. Good man!!

Alcibiades and"friend"...

According to the brilliance of the Oracle of Ottawa the only "crime" here is that of the pretty "alleged victim" harassing the operator of a commercial vehicle. See the Highway Traffic Act!! The driver was protecting the safety of his vehicle and his passenger. So? Do you have a problem with that? Didn't think so...

What I am really disappointed about is the reaction of the Mayor of Ottawa. It appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that the said "alleged" mayor came to a very fast and certain decision of guilt in his twitter message. Perhaps someone in the "alleged" mayors office should gently persuade the said "alleged" mayor that people as intelligent as he is should not "twitter". Only twits twitter. Lets face it people. The present "alleged" mayor of Ottawa has been a dismal fail. The only good thing to come out of this is that there is not recall legislation on the books! The Oracle of Ottawa is now going to make it official. Gentle Jim is but a one termer or less.

And the Oracle of Ottawa will tell you who could possibly be the next Mayor of Ottawa. Ottawa needs some royalty, from Ottawa, not some altar boy hick from the boonies! Someone from a legendary Ottawa family, yet someone that has grown out and alone from his famous fathers shadow. The Oracle of Ottawa really likes the thought of Ryan Keon as the mayor of Ottawa. The Oracle of Ottawa like many citizens of this once fine City is tired of being embarrassed by out of town hay seed hicks.

A great set up job! One of the best I have ever seen....

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