Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Harper Government' Turtles Canadian Economy

While by thee rais'd I ruin all my Foes,
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book III, Line - 258

Money, like toilet paper, is printed on rolls, and to be really useful and enjoyable like toilet paper, you have to let it roll. Frightened people don't buy things. When you attack long standing institutions, not for any good logical reason, but rather for nefarious political and ideological reasons, people will fear for the future. They will withdraw from society nearly completely. Once they start, they are amazed at how little they really need to wait for the next election. They will have time to reflect, they will discover what Canada really needs.

Milton Friedman - You actually
bought my shit?

Over sixty per cent of Canadians did not vote for the 'Harper Government'. And the Conservatives and their minions are already hitting the ideological wall of rejection. They have played to the right wing neo-con Bildererg Group playbook exactly. Yet the deficit figures increase, due to the the rich enough upper middle class dropping out of Canadian society. With this drop in tax revenue, the unemployment numbers will continue to increase. Christmas retail sales will be horrendous. The majority of Canadian people have nothing to celebrate.

The right wing Chicago School rhetoric is met now, more than ever, by deaf ears. The proof of this is the repeated times the wee little financial leprechaun starts spouting it to the Canadian Press while the Markets are trading. Every time he does this the markets actually drop and tank for the whole day. Investors and stakeholders seem to have lost their confidence in Milton Friedman and his wee cheer leader Jimmy Flaherty.
The Central Bank of Canada has followed the Friedman k-percent rule with the fervor of a Western Canadian seeking the source of baby fat candles, worn Old Testaments, and Ayn Rand first editions. Yet it all continues to tank. We haven't seen anything yet!

The 'Harper Government' will continue with its insane game plan. The logic and reason of the Royal Opposition will soon be irrefutable, even to the thickest Tory gorilla of the farthest back benches. Then, at the just right time, Parliament will be prorogued, for the duration of the mandate. The Prime Ministers Office and the inner cabinet will rule by decree and the soft sweet light of baby wax candles...

Wait for it....

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