Monday, November 21, 2011

Rex Murphy: A Tool Of The 'Harper Government' ?

With kisses pure: aside the Devil turnd 
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Line 502

I have been listening to Rex Murphy for years. On Sundays when I am going up to the Ottawa Valley to visit my dear old Dad I always have the radio on to the CBC to catch Cross Country Checkup. Last Sunday November 20, 2011 was no exception. But I was immediately troubled by the subject and the guest, one Terry Glavin.You failed to inform your public that your "guest" is a signatory of the Euston Manifesto ! Or in plain English that you were hosting a right wing total wack ball that before the election of the 'Harper Government' you would not have anything to do with!

Rex Murphy;  is dead to me...

I immediately remembered then and there, so to speak, a recent appearance that you did on Strombo. You remember, right after the election of the 'Harper Government' where you utterly shocked me by  stating that all that bunk about the 'Harper Government' secret agenda was a load of rubbish and then continued on to diss one of the greatest Canadian writers that has ever lived! If you have forgotten that you can watch it here and now.

Did you say this of your own free will? Were you forced to say that by the CBC? Or was it the PMO and a close connection that someone failed to report to the Oracle of Ottawa? Or did you do it for money? Now let us cut back to Sunday last, to about eight minutes into the show. Where your illustrious guest stated that the biggest business in Afganistan was the collection of human bones by the locals (in Afganistan) to render into cooking oil for export to Pakistan!! So you stood by as your "guest" called people from Pakistan cannibals? This dear readers was the most base propaganda I have ever heard on the CBC!! The CBC Ombudsman should look into this!

This is quite simply a re-spin of the Corpse Factory Story that was employed by the British in World War I! It is discussed at length in the most informative book "Propaganda & The Ethics Of Persuasion" by Randal Marlin, a philosopher who presently teaches about propaganda at Carleton University! The whole saga of this vicious ruse starts on p. 71 of Mr. Marlins text! You appeared, in gasping shock, to have bought this utter load of crap without a question! The actual reality is the story is utter and absolute bullshit!! The rendering of a human body to oil (not cooking oil...) is possible with a process called TDP or rather thermal depolymerization , a very high tech process, that you can rest assured is not running or has ever run in the shit hole back alley's of stinking Afganistan! Since it is still under patent. And to provide even more detail, so you don't look like an idiot again, you can get way more oil from plastic bottles than the same weight of a human being! All this is, is a most base attempt to sell the other Afganistan mission to the Canadian public!

You have really let me and all Canadians down Rex. If you are being forced to be a "tool" of the Prime Ministers Office of the 'Harper Government' you should do the right thing and retire, and cop a job at some Sun News paper. I mean who is next weeks guest Ezra Levant and his book Ethical Oil??

Wack balls of a feather stick together, Ezra Levant, Terry Glavin and poor Liz May....

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