Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Vic Toews Signalling The End Of The Charter Of Rights?

I am concern'd for the condition of the learned world, which lies under such a deplorable ignorance in all these particulars.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book I, p. 271

Sometimes you hear something and you go into shock. The Oracle of Ottawa was so shocked and offended by it that he was simply unable to post as per usual last night. But after the passage of more than 24 hours and another look at the tape, the Oracle of Ottawa must address this incident. It is based on an exchange in Question Period in the House of Commons on November 02, 2011. It was recorded on CPAC and you can watch it here.
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms....

It involved an exchange between Joe Comartin of the NDP, a prominent defense lawyer, who is giving up a whole lot of billable hours to sit in the Royal Opposition as Opposition House Leader, and the Conservative Party of Canada resident legal genius Vic Toews. Presently faking it through the cabinet post of Minister of Public Safety. If you are frequent viewer of Question Period you know that Vic Toews is no match against Joe Comartin. The sign of a great defense attorney is to be able to get the bad guy to say the truth that he had no intention in his worst nightmare of ever saying out loud. Joe Comartin got the "bad guy" to spill his guts...again...

Joe Comartin: If they are so hell bent on ramming through this bill, will they at least listen to the three provinces that have come forward and said that we are not paying the shot.Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, are not paying the shot. You pay the shot.

Vic Toews: Well Mr. Speaker I do respect my colleague opposite but I know that he comes from a long distinguished career of defending criminals as a defense criminal lawyer, our perception is a little bit different, our perception is a little bit different... (House Goes NUTS!!)

Speaker: Order, Order!! (Vic Toews microphone cut off...)

My chin dropped! A cold rush went up my spine! Did I hear this right? Did I actually hear this? Yes I did! Is the Minister of Public Safety telling the House and me that the Conservatives have other plans for Charter Rights, especially sections 7 through to section 14? The Oracle of Ottawas experience as a seasoned tory watcher is that such utterances are "tells" or Freudian slips. They accuarately foretell the future. The more base and stupid the utterer, the sooner it will happen. And the present front line of the Conservative Party of Canada is appearing very thick indeed! Remember, you heard it here, second!

Canada is verily circling the bowl! Vic Toews is no Lord Acton!

Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.
Lord Acton, Letter, (23 January 1861), published in Lord Acton and his Circle (1906) by Abbot Gasquet, Letter 24

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