Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'Harper Government' Progress Report

Yours be th' advantage all, mine the revenge.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book II,  Line 987

Dismantling a great liberal country is a lot like cutting down a very large tree. First you have to get in the base cut and then insert the wedges. The 'Harper Government' did all this in the "hanging by a hair" minority governments. Now that they somehow sucked Canadians in for the majority, they are bringing out the chain saws. Their first action  that was destined to make Canada a better place was to kill the per vote subsidy.You could see the ideology taking hold. In actual reality it didn't make any sense, but it is not destined for the world the Tory's believe should exist. Logic and sense have nothing to do with it.


Then came the draconian attack on organized labour, with the disgraceful interference in the Canada Post dispute that had not even got started! Then the rigged "arbitration" in the Air Canada strike. What in hell are the Tory's going to do when they have a real labour dispute? Call out the Army? The end result of this is that the average worker is soon going to deduce that crime is a better career path then honest toil. History is littered with examples of class war. I will leave it to the reader as an exercise to list all the past examples.

The pace will pick up...

But this of course was covered by the strategists. Hence the introduction and quick passage of the insane "omnibus crime bill". Debate was cut off not because of the urgency of the bill, but rather there was no one intelligent enough to answer the increasingly tough questions that the Opposition were starting to ask! But there is a real play included in this bill. The costs of which are going to be downloaded to the provinces. This will cause a fight with the provinces that will allow the Tory's under the guise of national security to replace all those expensive pesky unionized peace and prison guards with corporate minimum wage mall cops! Mark the Oracle of Ottawas words... Wait for it... 

Great Canadian governments of the past saw further because they stood on the shoulders of giants. As we now approach the Tory's favorite time of the year Remembrance Day, which they just love, since it is the freest and easiest ride that they enjoy all year, they will try to see farther by standing on the ideological mound of the fallen. A sombre tear will be shed at the ceremony, but not until the "state broadcaster" gets the correct good side shot. Then back to the House on Monday to cut the Veteran Affairs budget some more! The winged sycophants of Satan's minions circle high above the Peace Tower in full wing. 

I never said a word....

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