Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cain, Romney And That Other Guy...

Alone and without guide, half lost, I seek
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book II, Line 975

Alas, there will be no breaking open of the big old pork barrel on the White House Lawn on Inauguration Day in 2012 after all. No background music of the Texas Five-string Banjo Orchestra. The members of the Great Southern Cotton Growers Association have already struck off the date in their respective day crashers, and have substituted in flights to re-shell the family nut situated in various Island States. Any hope of the reborn come again South has all but been put to bed for at least the next thirteen years. By the time the GOP has another shot there will exist an America that they will never be able to even find a hand hold, let alone a toe-hold!

Present state of the GOP?

If the Oracle of Ottawa's little mind is still working somewhat better then Rick's it has been decades since there has been a campaign melt down such as this. I can't think of a recent example of such a flame out save and except Nixon saying "I am not a crook!". It is all but official now, President Obama is assured his second term, for certain. Assuming that the GOP totally collapses in splits between the various levels of insanity, Obama's second term will be the rebirth of America. Control in the Senate and the House, the reassembly of the broken pieces of power, reassembled in to the virtual Klieg light of the 21st Century.

When you think of that Mayan calendar date, due in December 2012,  maybe those guys were right! Maybe it is the start of the next New Deal! Now I am not saying that President Obama walks on water, but it seems he can remember where all the stepping stones are.

Quite a lot of people are very pissed at the latest GOP fail...

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