Saturday, November 26, 2011

'Harper Government' Meets The Invisible Hand

Men of wit always turn the discourse on subjects that are entertaining to the imagination ; and poets never present any objects but such as are of the same nature.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book II, Part II, Section V, p. 358

What a difference a week makes! Or, who would have figured that the 'Harper Government' would have peaked over the hump so soon! It is all down hill from here Bubba! It is also amazing what you can glean from the Globe and Mail Friday edition. Why if you are very preceptive, and able to think critically in a sane and somewhat linear manner, you can figure out pretty much what is going to happen next week! Take for example the nice compact piece by Dean Beeby, entitled Truce called in CBC dispute...

Mad Hatter looks a lot like.....

It seems that the Tory members of the Access to Information and Ethics Committee have agreed to return the Pandoras Box of sealed CBC documents. I guess the thought of future endless feature programs analyzing the Tory Man Love Triangles from every possible angle (sic) has somewhat taken the inquisitive edge from the stark raving nuts Tory Bund. The Oracle of Ottawa has received  confirmation already that one Mad Hatter press baron in Quebec is just livid. It seems that all the money in the world and a strong Conservative majority is no match to having your hind grinding exposed on the "State Broadcaster" after all! Sort of like, Let's Make It Better, but not right now. I wonder if the Mad Hatter of Qu#b#c#r has figured it all out yet? What month of the day is it?

Mad Hatter & Counsel try to get Aljazeera
back into the Tea Pot....

But if one peruses the want ads at the back of the Report on Business one can see a real ground shaker coming down the road. Why, it seems that ALJAZEERA is coming to Canada! They are posting 15 positions, and a dozen of them are for many multiple candidates! All you poor bastards that have been suffering in abandoned industrial buildings in seedy industrial parks under the guise of Sun Media newsrooms, your Moses (Allah?)  just entered town! Brian Dunstan is going to go over the top after all! You can be a prick, you can have "the power", you can be a jerk that everyone is afraid of, you can pay as little as you can get away with, but only for a while. Even God couldn't run the Sun News empire by himself! Perhaps for the speculative types, a large short sale is in order, along with the purchase and sale of a raft of near options....There will be blood  and gold for the brave.

Even the dumbest Sun news "intern" serf can figure out who will pay more. Sun News Quebec, or ALJAZEERA of Doha, Qatar! It seems that ALJAZEERA is on a mission from God. Money is no object. Many "media" outlets of all persuasions are soon to be picked clean. It will be sheer heaven to watch one certain stock tank to utter oblivion... What insane actions will this cause? Will the police have to be called? Allo Police??

One day you are on top of the world, all powerful, the next day your toast! Will the Harper Government intervene in straight up good old fashioned capitalist competition? Any thing is better than Sun News...

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