Thursday, November 24, 2011

'Harper Government' Darkness Descends

Thy sin and place of doom obscure and foule.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Line 840

You would think that the Oracle of Ottawa would have got a heads up from his many sources. But I was as shocked as you dear reader at today's Libya mission accomplished celebrations held on the Hill and in the Senate Chamber, which was converted for the day into a drill hall for the air types and the choir? Sort of Gilbert and Sullivan on drugs. The shit started to hit the fan right away in all of the vulgar media. When I saw the images on the local CBC evening news I just couldn't believe it. And when they brought up the fact that no such imperial display was done for the lads who have been slogging it out in Afganistan, well this is all a dark day in Canadian history.

Where is this guys fly past?

A lot of places in history were forever abdicated today. Two examples come to mind. Peter MacKay and David Johnston especially David Johnston. He started out as a hick from Sudbury and after being involved in this fiasco, Sudbury will be about the only place he will be able to retreat to when his gig is over. He should have realized that this screw-up couldn't have happened if he refused to show up. One can just imagine the effect this will have when everyone with a spine of their own starts to refuse to attend his Levy's and other events at Rideau Hall. But the worst thing is to go down into the history books as the most hapless Governor General of all time. The one who willingly aided and abetted the descension of the Great Darkness.

Nothing really matters.....

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