Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arthur Porter IV - The Other Shoe To Drop

Criticism, as I see it, is really the shaping of a central tradition of recreation.
Northrop Frye, On Education, p. 150

It was wondrous strange to the Oracle of Ottawa to hear of the arrest of Arthur Porter IV while in Panama, Panama, while doing his "laundry". It seems to be a rather strange thing to be doing when you claim have Type IV lung cancer! Does that even sound rational? If you had Type IV (inoperable) cancer would you be traveling over 1000 miles to do your banking?  Or anyone else's? I mean, just asking.

Arthur Porter IV - I can do anything for you...
 But such is the ways and means of the international T-shirt middleman class. With their bullshit stories of exotic descent and endless quest, just what the idiots in power today love to hear. People of the ilk and likes of Arthur Porter know exactly what those in power want to hear. They have been doing it for centuries if you are curious enough to look into it. If the vulgar media were on it, they would be asking his Daddie; Arthur Porter III, who by incredible chance seems to also live in Ottawa! I mean who knew?

It seems that the shit is all coming in on the 'Harper Government' like a tidal wave. This is of course the results of continually going for the bigger shovel, instead of stopping the excavation of their death hole. Ho! Ho! And talk about commitment to their fuck ups! At the time of this writing the Oracle of Ottawa discovered that SIRC still has the fallen doctors bio page up on its web site! Just like nothing ever happened. And the same with regards to his appointment to Canada's Privy Council! Yes Dear Reader, you can certainly see that the 'Harper Government' is on top of it all, aren't they? 

The only thing that remains is to watch it all unfold. It is the Province of Quebec that has started it all, and looks like they will get it all in and done. And as everyone knows, the 'Harper Government' has made it very clear and more than once, that they don't need Quebec at all! Well, we shall see, won't we?  The Oracle of Ottawa has discovered the rumor that the good doctor in question was on a diplomatic mission with the required passport, and may try to claim diplomatic immunity! One must have all the cloaks up when setting up the offshore repository's of today's active elected public politicians. But that only means that the grasping wife will be like dog meat in a riot. Ya, she will roll.

Now lets suppose that the good doctor is removed to Quebec, what ever stories do you think he has to tell to save his fat lumpy ass? The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that it will put the Charbonneau Commission to complete shame. It was mentioned in the vulgar media this evening, at the time of this writing, that the Prime Minister is simply not himself lately, as observed at the end of session "garden party"  for the media. Poor thing. It is the Oracle of Ottawa's fondest hope this summer will be the longest summer in the now horizon shortened life of the useless 'Harper Government'.  

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