Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jason Kenny - The Scum Also Rises

The meme is not the dancer but the dance.
James Gleick, The Information, p. 314

As the Oracle of Ottawa has mentioned many times before, you just never know what you will hear during Question period on a Friday. This past Friday was no exception. The 'Harper government' Bund must be in worse shape than we all thought. The Oracle of Ottawa has never witnessed such a barefaced attack on a fellow sitting parliamentarian in recent memory. It all started with Jason Kenney attacking the leader of the third party, one Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau - Rich without even trying!

You know the Conservative Party of Canada Nazis are really feeling the heat of all their scandals when they are ready to attack free markets, choice and capitalism all in one go. And you could just sense the envy as the scummy Minister Kenney all but accused Justin Trudeau of ripping of non-profit organizations for his set speaking fee! Now we all know that Justin Trudeau is the next one. And it is true that he comes from Canadian Royalty, and he can get a pretty easy dollar just talking about it! He has an agent that books his dates and collects hid fee for him. Is there a problem with that? You can afford it or you can't. You can go or stay at home. You vote with your dollars, right?

It seems to burn the Harperite Nazis to no end that young Justin has made over seven figures just talking about how wonderful it is to be Justin Trudeau! Everybody wants a piece of him and a chance to bask in his Imperial Light, and they are willing to pay for it! Isn't that the kind of capitalism that the 'Harper government' is always going on about protecting? Isn't that what the 'Harper Government' glorifies? Giving out what you got for what ever the market will bear? So what is the problem? These sorry local rubes came to Justin Trudeau with their money in hand. Not the other way around. Again what is the problem?

Jason Kenney - Still waiting for pizza...

The greasy Jason Kenney is obsessed with knowing how popular he is. Well, the Oracle of Ottawa, as a public service, will inform the drop-out minister how popular he is compared to Justin Trudeau. Let us start on You-Tube; if you enter Jason Kenney Conservative you will see that you will get about 873 results. If you simply enter Justin Trudeau you will get 61,900 results! Do the math! Justin Trudeau is about 71 times more popular than Jason Kenney! Jason Kenney is a sitting Minister of the Government of The Day, Justin Trudeau is merely the leader of the "Third Party"!   

Now let us go to Wikipedia. Enter Jason Kenney and go to the stats page, you will find that at the time of this writing that the Jason Kenney article gets hit a mere 4980 in the last thirty days. Now enter Justin Trudeau and repeat the process, you will find that Justin Trudeau's article has been hit, at the time of this writing, in the last thirty days, 27,046 times, and the article ranked 3307 in traffic out of the 4.25 million articles on all of Wikipedia! This means even in print, Justin Trudeau is over five times more popular than the greasy Jason Kenney. And during his Leadership victory, he was more popular than the sitting Prime Minister! Talk about the writing on the virtual wall....

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