Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Harper Government' - All Coming Apart

The economy of a society is in equilibrium if and only if all the persons participating in the economy are in equilibrium. 
Edmund S. Phelps, Political Economy - An Introductory Text, p. 65

It really all started early this morning in Toronto, Ontario. Hundreds of cops in swat and riot gear rose up before sunrise to serve warrants not just on individuals, but rather whole apartment buildings! And the haul was huge! Why, on the vulgar old style media CBC TV evening news it was mentioned that the drug haul alone was worth over three million bucks! And it was mentioned that several fair weather friends of the present mayor of Toronto were also caught up in the drag net.

Canadian Senate - Still with us...
Later the chief of police of the fine city of Toronto would not confirm or deny that a certain video was found on a certain cell phone that has at the time of this writing has a $200,000 bounty on it from a social media website in the USA. But the Oracle of Ottawa could tell that the flat footed chief was all but bursting with gotcha and good. The Oracle of Ottawa will venture a very educated guess that a certain in office mayor is in some very deep shit. And of course the good old CBC had footage of the very shaken and reeling Mayor Ford. The Oracle of Ottawa can not help but think there is in Ottawa one very nervous Finance Minister at the time of this writing.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe, Steve Harper, of the 'Harper Government' was getting a very rough ride indeed. The questions of the Senate scandal back home kept coming up like an uncooked burger on a really bad BBQ circuit stop somewhere in Alberta. Even his "good friend" hosts were taking shots at him, no doubt for the photo op and North American exposure it would surely bring. When the doomed man landed in Paris it all seemed to take a very large step.

Arthur Porter IV - Taking a  Canadian summer trip...
Senator Wallin then showed up on the CBC evening news and spilled her guts. She confirmed the Oracle of Ottawa's earlier guess that she is one of the Senators set up by the Prime Ministers Office to create a diversion to help the 'Harper Government' gain critical mass of the public opinion to abolish the Senate of Canada, but alas, it seems that the old hands are very strong, seasoned and wiry street fighters. During Question Period earlier today, you could see that the "Harper Government' is in total diss-array, confusion and panic. The channel knob has completely fallen off of the TV of the Canadian public, and there isn't any conservative smart enough to fix it on his own.     

Then there was that short blip from the CBC social desk, announcing  that Mr. and Mrs. Porter IV have agreed to accept an all expense paid summer vacation in Canada, that could last for many years indeed, pending the outcome of the money laundering and other charges. My goodness when the hole starts to cave in and another bigger shovel just seems to make no difference, you know it all but over.

  The NDP is really getting close to another big scandal concerning that nasty NSA program called PRISM that seems to be hooked up to Canada (!) somehow or another. The Defense Minister is standing by his claim that there is no spying on Canadian citizens by Canadians. The Opposition knows there is something wrong here and they are right. It is all quite simple, when the Americans want to wire tap an American citizen they certainly do stick to the letter of the law and do not listen in, in the United States. They simply flip a switch and the call is instantly routed to Canada! Where it is now a foreigner talking on the telephone! When Canada wants to drop in on your calls here in Canada the process works in reverse! No laws are broken and the respective governments are free to run rough shod over your civil rights and liberties. Pretty smooth or what? 

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