Saturday, June 8, 2013

Backed Up In Bytown

There was none to curse and none to pray, we just watched.
Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, p. 133

Well Dear Reader, it was a hell of week in old Ottawa, once known as Bytown, when it was run and owned by the timber barons. The illusion, or rather the delusion, that government at any level can be run as a public relations exercise by spin doctors and fart catchers has all but crashed and burned and the fire of the wreckage still burns.

Thoroughbreds will be coming to Ottawa after all!

It all started during the dinner hour earlier in the week when the Oracle of Ottawa's old style vulgar media supper news broke to "breaking news" and announced that Gentleman Jim Watson had folded and thrown in the towel on the insane, but much treasured idea, of a downtown casino in Ottawa! We were all duly informed that the head Burg(h)er of the City of Ottawa had sent off his letter to the Ontario Gaming Commission to announce that the new casino will only be allowed at the present site of the Rideau Carleton Race Track, where the Oracle of Ottawa reasoned many months ago was the only logical choice. No doubt one of the Mayors unpaid contractor interns probably read the Oracle of Ottawa's blog and realized that any other plan was indeed hopeless. The trial balloon to get the site beside the Canadian War Museum did not fly very well at all with the knuckle dragging Conservatives from the Prime Ministers Office. The dream died.

The Senate, that Harper wanted to abolish,
is going to abolish Harper!!

Meanwhile the encampment of the outta town Conservatives down on Wellington Street suffered many rattling death blows, so much so that many movers have been called and reserved for sometime in the near future. The "state broadcaster" the great Mother ship of the CBC is pulling out only one or two stops in the fight for its life. The stories are breaking daily and the slip of secret revenge dumps in thick envelopes are turning into a flood at all the media outlets in Ottawa. It seems to the Oracle of Ottawa that all the people from under the bus have risen up. The Oracle of Ottawa will admit freely that he is enjoying every moment of the slow motion train wreck. The spin is clashing and the talking points are causing more trouble than the effort to write them, that at present, goes on late into the night, to no avail.

Brent Rathgeber a back bench sock puppet of the 'Harper Government' has finally sickened of the little jackie bastards in short pants from the Prime Ministers Office and has resigned from the Conservative Party of Canada! The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that the trickle will soon turn into a flood. Soon the so called majority will be under numerical threat as the Oracle of Ottawa predicted the day after the last election. It is not long now Dear Reader, when the social swirl of Ottawa will return to its grandeur that is only known when the leftist elites of the Liberal Party of Canada are strongly in control, which is their destiny. Why the Oracle of Ottawa has booked his fitting for his formals that will be greatly in use and demand again after this period of Canada's darkest age....

Meanwhile it is another day at Ottawa City Hall of the dying administration of Gentleman Jim and his Burg(h)ers... Someone E-mail the media! LOL!!

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