Sunday, June 23, 2013

Has The 'Harper Government' Been HAARPed?

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven,...
Revelation, 12:10, NRSV

The Oracle of Ottawa knew it was going to happen. Just the "dirty tricks" of the 'Harper Government' in Ottawa over the last seven years was enough to bring down judgement. But when the likes of Preston Manning was mouthing off about how Canada was going all right wing, and the "fact" that the center of Canada was now in Calgary! The Oracle tried to warn them. Certain powers that be will only take so much sass and then they will drop the boom, and it will be forever. 

HAARP antenna element....

The damage in Calgary is permanent, in the near future it will revert to its original purpose, an outpost of central Canada. The head offices will be departing shortly to Toronto where they belong. This will all start in quiet earnestness when it is realized that the huge towers downtown are built on clay and that there is no way to right them once they start to tilt, so to speak. If the Calgary Saddle Dome is more than a few millimeters off of level it will have to be condemned. And even the most optimistic nutter can see that there may well be a Stampede, but it sure as hell is not going to be in Calgary this year!

There were many more events that led to the signing of the executive order by the President of The United States to unleash HAARP. It was of course a last resort, but you can be assured that the first words of the present American Ambassador to Canada in his next conversation with the present Foreign Affairs Minister will no doubt be; "Can you hear me now?" Some of the acts that the Oracle of Ottawa can relate are few, but I will share some of the most irritating to our American friends.

First there was that dangerous and unsavory side relationship with China, and the disregard of American warnings about what they were really up to. Then there was that unsavory and quite dangerous relationship of the whole 'Harper Government' with that certain micro-state out of the Middle East. And did the 'Harper Government' really think that they were going to keep Operation Noahs Ark secret from the Yanks? Now, after executive action,  Alberta will no longer very attractive to anybody, even a micro - state from the Middle East.

But you have to hand it to the Yanks and their sense of humor. On the same weekend as the Tory Policy Convention! Ho! Ho! That pig drowned in the tunnel. Soon there will be reports of the weird colors seen in the sky just days before the soggy event, the same that was observed in Pakistan when they were caught out dissing the Americans... But alas, that is another post, for another day...

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