Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Is Thomas Mulcair On?

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay L - Of Studies

Thomas Mulcair is the second son of a huge family of ten kids! He was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He rose way up in Canadian society, it is a hell of a story. From essentially the wrong side of the tracks, in all truth and honesty, he has risen to become the Leader of the NDP, which is now the Royal Opposition in the present Parliament. The whole story makes Horatio Alger look like a slacker.

Thomas Mulcair - Give yourself a shake!!
 It has been a pleasure to watch ole Tom roll on and over Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'. As far as the Oracle of Ottawa can tell he is one of the very few that has made Harper squirm at will and with much pleasure. You know that Mulcair is getting to Harper by the unfailing thumb tell that Harper exhibits every time Mulcair starts to get a little too close to the truth. Just watch early videos from Question Period when the 'Harper Government' was young and cocky, and then compare them to recent videos of Question Period since the onset of the Senate scandal. Do you see it? Pretty wild or what? The 'Harper' thumbs are literally twisting.
Don't fuck with the Senate!!

The Oracle of Ottawa has gone on at length in earlier postings about how much he utterly despises the 'Harper Government', or anyone else for that matter, that starts to talk about the dinking or any serious changes to any of Canada's constitutional institutions. And that includes the Senate of Canada. The Senate of Canada has existed since 1867 and is enshrined in the Constitution Act, 1867. The person that was behind its creation and the expression 'House of second sober thought' was ironically a Conservative Prime Minister, the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald! The creation of Canada is a hell of a story, it was in the end a grand compromise, and the older the Oracle of Ottawa gets he is becoming more convinced that the creation of Canada, out of all its opposing forces, could only have been Divinely inspired.

The Canadian Senate will continue, unchanged...
Senates go back in history over two thousand years. Why even the first and earliest Senate of the world, located in Rome (Curia Julia) still stands! And wherever and whenever a Senate is abolished there usually the results of dire consequences and endless troubles. Again I direct the reader to research the history of the Weimar Republic  of Germany in the time from 1919 -1933. There was another guy, Adolf whats his name, who was as hot to be rid of the Senate as Steve Harper is today in Canada. Why do you think that is? The Germany that rose out of the ashes of World War II and the division of Communism certainly included a Senate (Bundesrat) and even after re-unification Germany still has a second "upper" (appointed) house.

Is the Oracle of Ottawa the last old man in Ottawa to read that far back in history? The system we have works and has worked for as long as Canada has existed as a nation state. Yes there have been bumps on the road, and there will continue to be, that is human nature. If the powers of the day want to bring in some minor rules to protect the petty cash as times and technology changes that will be acceptable. But the Oracle of Ottawa does not want an elected Senate. The Oracle of Ottawa does not want the United States in Canada. All this has been dealt with over a century ago. It is surely shocking that the powers that be today do not know that, save and except that young Justin Trudeau. The Oracle of Ottawa totally agrees with the Justin Trudeau model of Senate Reform; If you want a good Senate start by putting good people into the Senate, just like his father did! And the Oracle of Ottawa must be honest and tell the truth. Someday he expects to get that call, and yes, for that Library of Parliament card, the Oracle of Ottawa will come out of retirement for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and serve in the House of sober second thought....

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