Monday, June 3, 2013

Arthur Porter Spills The Beans?

I know that the entire design was such, that it would be almost impossible, unless if you got a coalition of forty or fifty people to work together, from two or three different agencies, to be able to swing a process like that.
Arthur Porter IV, Bahamas, NB12 News Interview, March - 04 - 2013

The good doctor at the time of this interview for the local Bahamian audience of innocent rubes was no doubt very confident that they did not know of the ongoing Charbonneau Commission in the province of Quebec. Where by at the time of this interview it was becoming very clear that there was and is indeed a coalition of more than forty or fifty people from more than two or three agencies that could swing corruption of most any magnitude! You just can't make this stuff up.

Steve Vader - Hanging by a thread?

Now at the time of this writing the good doctor is adjusting to somewhat new accommodations in a Panama prison. When his name was again mentioned in the House today in Question Period, the Minister for Public Safety left the distinct impression with the Oracle of Ottawa that it would be very handy indeed if the good doctor could possibly expire from his ailments in a timely manner. Yes indeed Dear Reader, there seems to something that the 'Harper Government' worries about much more than a couple of numerically challenged old fart Senators dipping into the petty cash jar.

The Oracle of Ottawa has every confidence that the road ahead for the erstwhile doctor will be much smoother and infinitely more comfortable in a nice low security cell in Quebec. And no doubt time off for his full cooperation will soon start to make very clear sense. Imagine the songs that will be sung and the tales that will be told! What names will come up? What new earth tremors will rattle through Quebec? When  this happens it will no doubt be curtains and the veritable stake through the heart of the 'Harper Government'.

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