Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ditching Java - All Java Software

When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.
James Gleick, The Information, p. 410

It all came to a head earlier this week. The Firefox browser was loading slower than a sloth crossing a freeway. But the real indication that something was very wrong was when the You-Tube videos would not not start playing right away. Or even worse, would suddenly stop at random for no good reason at all. Some thing was surely amiss. Ironically, the Oracle of Ottawa had been recently warned that all Java products were being strongly suspected of being "compromised", and that it would probably be a good idea to disable and rip everything out that had the name Java attached to it.

Bye - bye Duke!
Sure enough this proved to be excellent advice. It was discovered by the Oracle of Ottawa, using the jim dandy Process Explorer tool, what was exactly going on in my box while I was trying to get a You Tube video to go off at command. Every time the start button was pressed on the video player, a little war of processes started, culminating with the Microsoft Security Essentials going nuts trying to suppress something that started after the Java quick launcher was observed firing up repeatedly! 

Well that was all the evidence that the Oracle of Ottawa required. First all the Java add-ons of the Firefox browser (Version 21.0) were disabled. (Tools - Add - Ons)  Then the Oracle of Ottawa removed the latest version of Java that from habit he always kept up to date. Now it will take 24 - 48 hours for the system to completely settle after you do all this, but you will notice an improvement right away. Also if you know how, strip out all the now dead registry entries with the proper scan.

What ever the hell happened to cause this once great piece of software turn into a product that even Homeland Security will not allow on its browsers anywhere? A little digging will inform you quickly that Oracle Corporation is not the employee friendly place that it once was. There seems to be a lot of firing of Americans and no doubt Canadians, that are being replaced by hordes of temporary foreign workers from China! You can't make this stuff up. Ever since this trend has been taking hold, it seems that the platform became some one else's platform, if you follow the Oracles drift.

Every thing works awesome well now. My browser opens over 60% percent faster, and the You Tube is being enjoyed as before, before this spy platform of malware so rudely intruded upon the Oracles domain. Don't be shy, just rip it all out....   

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