Monday, May 16, 2011

Tony Clement Harrases The Wrong Industry

NORFOLK:     Be advised,
Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot
That it do singe yourself.
William Shakespeare, The Life of King Henry the Eighth, Act1.1, line 139-141, The Complete Pelican Shakespeare, p. 1174

Tony Clement the Minister of Industry has threatened to call in certain and unknown oil industry executives for a public(?) Parliamentary Committee  hearing concerning the present market derived price of gasoline. I just don't get it at all. The people of Canada have just given the Tory government a majority in the last Federal Election. They have voted for small government, no interference in the market place, and that free and open markets will always come to the right solution.

You can buy all the gas you want...
 The Conservatives cheered when the Canadian Government sold their shares in Petro Canada for a huge profit, stating that government has no business in business.When they achieved office, barely, it was slash and burn...The best government in the true Shit For Brains western manner is no government at all. Screw you and screw the future... But the thing is you can buy gasoline, if you pay the price, you can have all you want! We are all out of 90 cent a litre gas at present, but you can have all the $1.40 a litre gas you can pay for!

Chemo Drugs not available at any price..

If only all the items in our economy were like gasoline... you can buy all the gas you want! But, just hope you or the wife or the kids don't come a "downer" with cancer! It seems that a whole wack of the range of the Chemotherapy drugs that are very widely used and most of them generic are unavailable at any price! What is up with that Mr. Two Tier? Why don't you haul in some of the pigs from Big Pharma? Why won't you allow Health Canada to source these everyday drugs from the European Union? Now that would be television!!

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