Sunday, May 22, 2011

Holy Fuck! A Bright Bulb In The Walmart Cabinet

Canada must organize itself so that we stop assassinating our Mozarts - that all Canadians should have the opportunity to fulfil themselves to the best of their ability.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Memoirs, p. 84

 The fine people of  Port Moody - Westwood - Port Coquitlam  should be very content with their federal member. Perhaps the local Conservative Party Candidate Selection Committee should read some books on Political Science 101. They did a fine job of sending a fine young Liberal to represent them in Ottawa!!Mr. James Moore is the brightest bulb in Steve Harpers new Walmart cabinet... Spend less... Live Better!!

James Moore- A future Great Canadian?

This young promising gentleman came upon the Oracle of Ottawas radar screen last Friday, when he accepted the call of Sun News TV for an interview with the small but vital Krista Erickson. The young Minister of the Crown immediately proved his worth when he outed Ms. Erickson as a recent and former employee of the great C.B.C.! The Oracle of Ottawas ears immediately perked up! How much of a screw-up do you have to be, to be young, attractive, talking and breathing and yet still somehow be no longer an employee of the C.B.C.?? Or rather sadly, one has to ask, how crazy?

Holy Fuck - wows them in Toronto...

Prior to the interview, Ms Erickson continued her vile low attack on Margie Gillis - A Great Canadian - with all the bona fides.... much to the Oracle of Ottawas chagrin...She also added a new element to the mix, by attacking a fine group out of Toronto, called Holly Fuck. They are in reality quite awesome! And I am over fifty years of age! You could quite easily compare them to Kraftwerk from Germany..and those guys were and still are huge! Well apparently, Ms Erickson, started going on and on about the cover of one of Holy Fuck's album covers as being the same shade of brown as human excrement!? And that somewhere along the line some of my Tax Dollars were used to get this groups music to market! (Thank God from this tax-payer!!)

Kraftwerk, circa 1976...
Well after the rant, it seemed that Ms. Erickson fully expected the young Conservative Minister of the Crown to fully support her argument. Well! Much to my utter amazement and joy, Mr. Moore proceeded to "Art Slap" Ms. Erickson up, down, and sideways! I was truly hoping to see the interview posted on You-Tube but alas dear reader I don't think it will ever see the light... He was all over her like shit in long grass! At the end of the thrashing, Ms. Erickson was physically reeling! Face flushed and having trouble to maintain her upright standing position! It made my day and week so far. (I swear to God I thought I saw the ghost of Judy LaMarsh, but alas, it was probably an acid flashback from the 1970's...sigh...) The strongest point that "resonated" with the Oracle of Ottawa was the stated fact that a tax dollar spent on the Arts in Canada will always bring back more dollars in tax revenue! Sadly, most Conservatives lack the mental faculty to comprehend this known fact! Of course there will be some acts you won't be able to get your head around, i.e. Ukranine Round Dancing, but no one is forcing you to watch it or buy it! Discover something you like and enjoy!

As much as I enjoyed James Moore thrashing of Ms. Erickson, I soon realized that this young man had committed several high crimes in the eyes of all Conservatives. (1) He demonstrated that he had his own world view. (2) That he was truly soft on the Arts. (3) He truly came across as personable! (4)He is way better looking then Steve Harper. (5) He is much better spoken then Steve Harper!

Holy shit! This guy is doomed! I can only hope that the NDP and / or the Liberals are tracking those Conservative members most likely to be consumed and spit out by their own party. We all know how the Conservative Party of Canada consumes and rejects its best and brightest! Soon Mr. Moore will be summoned into the Prime Ministers Office and asked to prove his blue purity by attending the New York Auction of the Canada Council Musical Instrument Bank and all those Old Master paintings at the Canadian National Gallery that no one sees being part of the auction staff that holds up each item as it is hammered down to the highest Chinese and / or Arab bidder, to pay off our miniscule "deficit"....

HOLY FUCK! Plays Red Lights! At over 1.3 million views, Holy Fuck seems to be more "Economically Viable" then Sun News TV !!

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