Saturday, May 28, 2011

Letter to Tim - Chain Gang - Hudak

Who is there, possessing aught of the increase of knowledge Discovery has brought, would willingly see the world return to its former ignorance?
William Lyon Mackenzie King, Industry and Humanity, p. 94

Dear Chain Gang Tim:

The Oracle of Ottawa on behalf of all Ontarians, especially those employed in tourism and hospitality, would like to take this brief moment to thank you for screwing our image to the rest of the whole wide world! You fucking little slimmey moron! How could someone who claims the education you have be so basely and incredibly stupid? You remind me, and you keep reminding me, of King Davids son Absalom. Being a right wing wack ball Conservative you are no doubt familiar with the story, since it occurs in the Old Testament!
It makes me wonder who your mentors are; the Bilderberg Group, Mike Huckabee or both?

We really need this in Ontario.... NOT!

Many commentators of the sane left-wing media have mused how you could possibly get away with doing this. The civil liberties groups alone are going to eat you like lunch! Also, in the province of Ontario there exists minimum wage legislation! See you at the Supreme Court you idiot! And do you really think that any self-respecting prison guard and/or O.P.P. police officer is going to be seen riding shot-gun over a chain gang in the broad light of day? I think not. Jesus Tim, when you were down at the University of Washington, Seattle, why didn't you just apply for a Green Card and run for the Governor of Alabama? Why are you bringing this shit and all its fallout on us? Every time you spout this  shit of chain gangs, another high dollar tourist from the European Union cancels! Hell! Even the Chinese don't do this! And they are Communist! So does that make the Conservative Party of Ontario fascist or what? I mean, how low are you willing to go to be a Provincial Premier?  How morally bankrupt are you man?

Toronto Chain Gang at Carabana?

The province of Ontario has traditionally always had a British rehabilitative prison model. If spending some chump change on a prisoner's Yoga or creative writing class will make him a steady tax-payer for the rest of his life it all seems like a slam dunk to me...Spend the money....You do not have the right to demean or other wise mentally or physically torture prisoners! We leave that to people like the Americans.

We already got enough right wing idiots to deal with at the Federal level at the present time. And that scared the hell out of every union card carrying member in the Province of Ontario. And as you are well aware, Ontario is the greatest bastion left in Canada of Organized Labour.... My little penis-headed friend, come October your political career is going to be toast!

In closing, a little chain gang history... Charter cases to follow.....

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