Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sun News TV - Krista Erickson Has No Soul

Instinct and study; love and hate;
Audacity — reverence. These must mate,
And fuse with Jacob's mystic heart,
To wrestle with the angel — Art. 

Herman Melville, Timoleon,

The Oracle of Ottawa would give anything to find out what really went down at the Governer Generals Awards last weekend! It seems that the august Sun News TV personalities sent to cover the said sacred event, were rudely and most handily "snubbed". The small but vital Krista Erickson has been acting like a drenched cat in heat after losing her prime dragging location on the "hood" fence! It started on Monday at the after noon slot.
Tom Thomson-Forest Undergrowth-I
I have seen it all happen so many times before. A said reporter comes to Ottawa from out West, where they were big high profile cheese! But soon to discover that they are now just a small "hick" fish in a very posh pond of beautiful and highly intelligent people. And to add insult to injury, they are quickly reminded that they really have no understanding of what Canada is. The horror of the experience deepens when the said "newbie" finds a culture and heritage that only months before they couldn't even possibly conceive, let alone ever hope to grasp! And being of high ego, the crash is damn near impossible to recover from.

A.Y. Jackson, House of Ypres - Krista says you shouldn't see this....

Note to all Western Hicks! A Governer Generals social function is not a high end version of a tail gate party outside of a Calgary football stadium! Please avail your limited psyches to this fact of Upper Canada life. Two thirds of all Westerners alive today cannot track their family tree before or even near the date of Canadian Confederation (i.e. 1867)...But there most certainly are people in Ottawa serving drinks and food at the National Art Gallery that have provable lineages that go all the way back to New France in the 1600's! Theses people are known as "Pure Wool". These people are descendant from the first white people to live in Continental North America. They have in inner peace and confident arrogance of those who made and will always run this country. They are part of the great wonder that is Canada, they are of the water, soil, rocks and trees. Krista, you ignorant hick, learn your place. 

Emily Carr - Odds and Ends..

Being used to such undemanding audiences out west, Ottawa must indeed be a tough dollar. But if you keep that right wing rant up about the arts I can guaranty your near future doom. The Canadian people actually love their government sponsored art. The Canadian people expect the Canadian Government to buy the art for all to enjoy. If you research all the past government purchases you will soon discover that Canada bought works under the artsy Liberal administrations that have all gone through the roof in price! The works that the great Judy LaMarsh bought are no longer available on the market for love, power or any amount of money! Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself! But then, she was a truly great Canadian, with a long heritage to France. You didn't know that?

This is for Krista and Theo... Do you think you will ever reach this level???

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