Monday, May 23, 2011

Metternich? - Hell... Not Even A Kissinger!

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government. 
The Federalist, Alexander Hamilton , No. 70

After being a Canadian for over half a century, it is not until now that I am truly worried about the future of Canada. Even during the darkest days of the October Crisis, when I could look out of the window of my grade seven class room in Arnprior and see a fully armed soldier in full battle dress standing guard at the front of Senator Greenes house, I knew this would only be a minor bump in the road of my countries history. Every one had every confidence in the government of the day.

It wasn't until now, that I realized, that you will not always have a ruling government in Canada that will not consist of the " best and the brightest" ! The ruling government of the Harper majority is proof of that... There is no one with multiple doctorates, damn lucky if some of the "ministers" finished high school! The one posting that has me very nervous, is John Baird as Minister of Foreign Affairs! This is not the Trudeau years!

To understand the point I am trying nicely to make, ponder the competition that Minister Baird will have to deal with! Check out the bio's of the other foreign ministers of say, China, France, Russia, England, United States...These countries know the world is a dangerous place, and must be handled with the greatest prudence, and therefore have sent up there best and brightest...John Baird is going to look like a teaspoon following a pack of steam shovels! Talk about in over your head! What is it that makes second rate men act like this?

I am glad I am retired. I am grateful that I am not at Foreign Affairs... And I fondly hope that the spinning in the graves of all those Great Canadians of the august past does not keep you up too late into the night! God Help Us All!!

Minister Baird demonstrates early and often, that he is totally on top of the situation. Can you imagine the long term effects on Canada's reputation in the world ? Come on world! Bend him in half like a paper clip, and do him till he pops like a potato chip! The dimmest bulb in the Walmart Cabinet...

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