Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rogers Communications - Twilight Of A Titan?

A man of parts would often be at loss without the company of fools.
Francois duc de La Rocheffoucauld, Maxims, No. 140

It is hard to believe that once upon a time in Canada Rogers Communications was one of the most loved companies in Canada. If memory serves, it always made the top 100 Canadian Employers List. If you had a tech or billing problem there was no long aggravating voice mail tree, someone actually answered the damn phone and took care of you right away. And back in the days when Ted Rogers ran it all, you hardly ever had to call.   

Ted Rogers - Spinning in his grave?

Now all telecom companies in Canada are totally despised and dreaded. Rogers doesn't seem to have any real employees any more, but rather an army of minimum wage contractors and temporary foreign workers, that know nothing about your problem and couldn't care less. But you can be sure the marketing never stops. As the price keeps creeping up on your cable package the quality of the content seems to slipping the other way in rather perfect proportion. A thousand channels and nothing on.

It was just before the last Labour Day weekend that the Oracle of Ottawa noticed that his Cisco cable box had been re-programed with what appears to be software for the new Rogers PVR, version 3.0, that can tape 8 shows at once! (Who wants that??) The Oracle of Ottawa was not amused, but there was no way you could do anything about it. There was a two hour wait time to talk to a tech rep that weekend. Which makes perfect sense. Force crap on the customer and then send all the tech reps home for the long weekend so you won't have to pay for overtime. Meanwhile, we are stuck with cable boxes that are as slow as a fat pig in thick shit.   

Meanwhile there is no baseball on due to faggot tennis, again! There is no one to call on this either. The Oracle of Ottawa tried one night recently, and was told by a thick East Indian accent, that; "Sir, you cannot complain"!! You can't make this stuff up. When my cable box was re-programed, the Oracle waited a very long time again to find out that I couldn't complain, but while I was waiting the Oracle heard that stupid PVR pitched endlessly. 

Rogers Communications has a lot of serious problems. The first and largest, is poor management. The second is that they are in too many business's that they don't know anything about, such as production and content creation. This goes equally for all the giant telco's in Canada at the time of this writing. Have you ever tried to watch the Discovery Channel lately? And where did all the baseball games go that the Oracle always used to enjoy? Note to executive suite: Yachting is not a sport!

But the lads at Rogers have a monopoly. Where else are the proles going to go? Well, would you be surprised if the Oracle of Ottawa told you Dear Reader that it is quiet possible that the whole business model of the Rogers monopoly could be shortly just a bad memory? The Oracle of Ottawa has noticed the marketing of the first HD TV wireless TV boxes by Bell at his local mall. Hmmm... a wide area network otherwise known as a WAN. No infrastructure to maintain. No large barriers to entry. How long will it be before someone simply sets up a dish and just re-brodcasts what is in the clear on the aether? The Oracle of Ottawa can see very much inexpensive choice on the very near horizon. Think about it...

The Oracle of Ottawa certainly does not own Rogers stock. And if you happen to be an owner or a manager of a very large holding in a portfolio, the Oracle of Ottawa strongly recommends that you start getting rid of it all in the very near future. With the advent of the wireless HDTV box and very many providers Rogers, Shaw, Telus, and Bell are shortly going to be Titans without a business.... Like video rentals, remember that?

Could it soon all be gone, like it never existed? Good riddance!!!

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