Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pauline Marois Kicks Ass!

Those who think religion is about "belief" don't understand religion, and don't understand belief.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p. 6

Pauline Marois is the present and thirtieth Premier of the Province of Quebec. Although, at the time of this writing, she is walking the knife edge of a minority government, and as of yet does not have the strength to bend the bars, she sure as hell is strong enough to rattle the cage! Much to the Oracle of Ottawa's pleasure and endless delight, Pauline Marois has had the backbone to finally draw the line in the sand. By proposing and implementing the Quebec Charter of Values. The main and visible part of this proposed act is to ban the wearing of all religious clothing by provincial public servants. And much to the Oracles delight she didn't miss anybody. She got them all including the sickening Jean Guy type with the oddly large Jesus cross. The Oracle of Ottawa finds this character as sickening as a walking tent woman in a burqa.

Premier Pauline Marois - A Great Canadian!

The Oracle of Ottawa can certainly understand the shock of his opinion of some of his Dear Readers. But allow the Oracle to explain. You see the Oracle of Ottawa is what would be called in Quebec "Pure Wool". The Oracles lineage goes all the back to the young wife of Samuel de Champlain! Helene Boulle, who married the notable Father of New France at the age of twelve years old. Although the official story goes that they consummated their marriage two years later, all the surviving members of her family that are alive today, and there are very many of us, know the real story. Helene Boulle was a real French girl, taber - nack! She was doing old Sam balls deep before the ink dried on the marriage contract! All of her descendants today, and there are very many of them, are very proud of her, colle - in! If you want it done, get a French girl from Quebec to do it! 

Jason Kenny confers with PMO staffer...

As the Oracle of Ottawa was contorted in laughter in front of his Sony X series flat screen at the breaking news it got even more hysterical as the coverage switched to Ottawa as the major federal parties in Ottawa reacted to the Great Woman's breakthrough. The first to speak of course was the ever hated and past immigration minister Jason Kenny, who was totally blindsided and in somewhat of a deep shock. You could tell that his boxers were in a very large knot, as he could barley repeat the line that his handler had drilled into him all but 90 seconds before. The handler tried to make it as easy as possible for the hapless minister, but all was lost when the minister had to admit to the spin doctor from the PMO, that he didn't know what was meant by the concept of Church and State. But it didn't matter, every one across Canada was laughing so hard it all didn't really matter any way.

Justin Trudeau ponders his future...
Next up of course was the Next One, Justin Trudeau, and he, to the Oracle of Ottawa, looked even more shocked then the preceding Conservatives, you could really tell that the young Justin's thong was starting to ride up, so to speak, as he mouthed through a statement that was very similar to the Conservatives. And the Oracle of Ottawa has to note that Justin can sweat just like all the rest of us after all. How about that?

Then, of course, came the hapless NDP leader, Tom Mulcair. He was as hot and brash as a young teenage girl that was going commando for the first time. Yes, indeed, he was letting his balls dangle in the free air of the breeze. And he was making as about as much sense as the three others that just preceded him. It was not a fine moment, especially as the polling numbers were discussed immediately after he spoke that confirmed that the majority of Canadians were very much behind Pauline Marois. Perhaps their fart catchers should take note... 
But seriously Dear Reader, something had to be done. Even walking around Ottawa on any given day now, you would swear you were in some medieval third world country. It has all gotten out of hand. And there is nothing more disconcerting than seeing what looks like a walking tent advance on you at the local shopping mall. Canada is an OECD country. It is a secular state. The concept of the separation of church and state has a long and hard fought history that peaked in Quebec and the rest of Canada  in the 1960's during the Quiet Revolution. This is course the first time that we had to fight the power of our own "rag heads" in the Roman Catholic Church! The Oracle of Ottawa is quite surprised that no one seems to remember that today....

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