Sunday, September 8, 2013

TV Ontario - The Death Of Big Ideas

An idea starts to be interesting when you get scared of taking it to its logical conclusion.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p. 3

It has been the Saturday routine of the Oracle of Ottawa for over a decade to tune into TV Ontario at 5:00p.m. on a Saturday evening and watch Big Ideas. It was all pretty dangerous stuff, as the truly greatest minds alive in the world today discussed very dangerous social ideas and proposed radical social experiments to actually realize them. There was Chris Hedges, Northrop Frye, and Noam Chomsky to mention only a few.

Big Ideas - Dead in Ontario...

Then out of the blue sometime last winter, it was announced that the low budget format show was being cancelled due to government funding cutbacks, which would in turn allow the provincial public broadcaster to save a paltry two million dollars. The show was to end at the end of last March. But there must have been serious blow back, since the last episode ran last Saturday, not on the last Saturday of March 2013. Ah, the power of social media!

What was even more depressing was that Saturday last was also the last Saturday Night At The Movies which has been a TVO institution since back in the 1970's. But surely Big Ideas would be replaced by something of equal value? Well, not exactly, in the place of Big ideas there was another rerun of the ever sickening Battle Field Mysteries. Whereby some pathetic wanna be goes and retraces the path of Canadian Forces in the battle fields of Europe to remind us all that Canada was just sooo close to being an imperial power just like the United States is today. It made the Oracle of Ottawa want to puke. But it was right in keeping with the Prime Ministers Office directives from the internal department of the Ministry Of Truth.

TV Ontario - A Dangerous Social Experiment...

Now we all know that a show like Big Ideas was certainly not a very expensive show to fund. They were simply tapes of left leaning lectures that were already paid for by other institutions such as the University of Toronto. And the people that spoke on Big Ideas were not the kind to demand a huge price to let their ideas be heard. As a matter of fact most of the speakers spoke for travel fees and living expenses! There was no dealing with Canadian production companies that run on a profit basis such as the provider of Battle Field Mysteries. So why would TV Ontario cut it's two most popular and cheapest format shows? Has TV Ontario been lying to us when they report how successful the recent fund raising has been?

 If TV Ontario is cutting it's most popular and cheapest format shows due to the shortage of a paltry two million dollars, how is that the likes of the ever sickening, scrotum licking likes of Steve Paikin able to get a brand new elaborate set, that resembles the studios of Americas Fox News? How is it that there is money for that? How is it that the sickening likes of Allan Gregg ,  the erstwhile conservative fart catcher and father of the negative political campaign in Canada always has a set that is posher than anything that the CBC can produce? Well? How is that?

Well, let the Oracle of Ottawa explain to you Dear Reader. It all has to do with the corporate dismantling of Canada. Shows like Big Ideas do not instill the core values of the New World Order, as implemented by the Illuminati, upon the directives of the Bilderberg Group as carried out by the Prime Ministers Office. The core values of a citizen of the New World Order are: Consume, Conform, and Obey. Any radical talk or thought is and will be suppressed at all costs with extreme prejudice. Do you understand now?

It was last winter that the Oracle of Ottawa called his lawyer and had his will changed, that big bequest to TV Ontario has vanished like it was never even their. Since the writing or the lack of same is on the wall, the Oracle of Ottawa ponders why his left leaning tax dollars should have to subsidize the likes of the new TV Ontario? The Oracle has even gone to the very rare extreme of dropping the channel from his remote's favorites. The greatest thing that Kathleen Wynne could do is pull the plug on all Ontario Provincial funding to TV Ontario and let it seek funding elsewhere, like Sun News....

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