Saturday, September 21, 2013

Andrew Feinstein - The Shadow World

The arms industry and its powerful political friends have forged a parallel political universe that largely insulates itself against the influence or judgement of others by invoking national security. This is the shadow world.
Andrew Feinstein, The Shadow World, p. xxvii

The Oracle of Ottawa has some good news and some bad news. First, the good news; the world that we now live in is not so bad, the bad news is that it is all so much worse than you could possibly imagine. Andrew Feinstein was once an elected MP in the new South Africa, until he ran into the full force of  the shadow world. The Oracle of Ottawa was very fortunate to capture a hard cover first American edition out of a remainder bin for a very good price at his local Chapters store in Ottawa.

The currency of the Shadow World...
The book is very attractively designed, and printed to the highest standards, as is to be expected by Farrar, Straus And Giroux out of New York. It is of a very comfortable octavo size, with the posh, bright clay paper, that gives it that comforting weight in hand . The typographic design is the highest contemporary example of what remains of American craftsmanship.

What immediately engaged the Oracle of Ottawa was not so much all the details of the arms deals, but rather all the dirt and detail on how it is all brought off. How everyone in the decision chain is tracked, filed, cataloged and ultimately corrupted. The Oracle of Ottawa found this very interesting indeed. The Shadow World is a lot like a bag of Frito Lay potato chips, bet you can't read just one page! And that fact that Andrew Feinstein can write like Tom Clancy, and yet relate an even better story that is all true, cited and referenced is to the Oracle of Ottawa one hell of a feat.

Once the Oracle of Ottawa got right into it, a cold realization came upon him. This is not just a book about the shadow world arms trade, it is really an unofficial New World Order playbook! The Oracle of Ottawa was shocked and very appalled  at all the names of the great and good that popped up over and over in the text. Not to give anything away the Oracle will relate a few things that were found most interesting.

page xxviii - how the bank of American Presidents in Washington D.C. was used to send the 9/11 bombers their monthly allowance from a princess in the Royal Saudi family. (9/11 truthers will love this book...)

page 53 - how the Roman Catholic Church through the auspices of the Vatican Bank, accepted cash money, hand delivered by a Saudi Prince to throw an election in Italy.

page 205 - the name of a once very important Canadian MP and figure skater who is up to his neck in the shadow world.

page 223 - why Olaf Palme was really murdered.

page 264 - a most interesting story about Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands otherwise known as the co-founder of the Bilderberg Group! Yes Dear Reader, the shadow world is a strange house of many twisted rooms.

page 283 - the very weird and scary fingerprints of the Carlyle Group in and around the shadow world.

page 505 - how Pat Robertson was a good buddy of a certain third world dictator who lobbied for his interests in America in a hoped for return of a gold mine concession in Liberia! Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!

 All in, the Oracle of Ottawa couldn't put this book down. And it is a keeper at arms length for future reference. It has also occurred to the Oracle of Ottawa that Andrew Feinstein might not only have one hell of a good book, but rather, he may have given birth to a whole new juicy franchise! Could it be that Andrew Feinstein is the founder of the Jane's of New World Order dirt and filth? The Oracle of Ottawa can hardly wait for the next updated installment!  

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