Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Al - Shabaab - New World Order Blowback?

There is no such thing as abstract truth. Truth is always concrete. 
Lenin, Two Tactics Of Social Democracy, Lenin Anthology, p. 135

Well Dear Reader, no matter where you were in this world recently, you have no doubt watched the insane footage out of Kenya. That Al-Shabaab group sure kicked ass didn't they? There is not a western company on earth at the time of this writing that could have afforded to buy the air time that Al-Shabaab got for nothing in that shopping center operation. There is really only one way to describe it all, damned efficient.

Al-Shabaab Jihad Flag

Just when the agents of the New World Order finally thought they finally have all the workers in the western world "disciplined", along comes the news that in Islamic World terror operations such as we have just witnessed in Kenya, there abounds reports that the savage crew consisted of people from the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom!  The Oracle of Ottawa was very interested in the White Widow woman operative that is rumored to be from England!

Many people in the Islamic world are probably very perplexed at why anyone in the confines of the Babylon of Satan, otherwise known as America and Europe would leave all that wealth and their Mickey Mouse hat with their very own name sewn on, to come to the stinking hot hell hole of the Islamic World. The Oracle of Ottawa will be very happy to explain it all to his Readership as a public service of course.

All these foreign operatives that are from the West are all young and strangely enough, very well educated. But in the West, now, after the New World Order conditioning as carried out by the Conservative Parties that exist only to do the New World Orders bidding, all youngsters just starting out are expected to work for nothing, in things called unpaid internships. Or if they really want to work for money, all they have to look forward to is minimum wage at some American box store, with no hope or union card for a well paid fat and happy future.

Many of them soon reach their limit and decide that it would be much better to make something out of their lives, and if it means becoming a Martyr against the back room minions of the New World Order, so be it. The Oracle of Ottawa figures that if the worker discipline continues unabated, Al-Shabaab can soon count on even the Christians to start showing up at the training camps...  

But surely it is all a one way trip, isn't it? The Oracle of Ottawa can only console you Dear Reader that it is quiet certainly probable that all the operatives in that shopping center operation got out with the last of the trapped shoppers! They just changed clothes and faded away with the "victims". Those that were the last men standing simply paid the nearest soldier and / or cop the requisite bribe. It was Kenya after all! And did you see that Interior Minister? You could buy that guys Mom for five bucks...

Like the kids say: Pay me now, or pay me later...

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